Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya tells the battle plan to gods.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh with gods. There andhkasura’s says don’t worry I will show you all my powerful demons. One demon comes and has many hands with different weapons in his hands. Andhkasura says see his power. The demon attacks many weapons at the same time in different directions, andhkasura laughs. All demons cheer. The demon comes and ahead and stands aside. Another demon named medosh comes and andhkasura says see my demon medosh. Medosh comes and screams loudly in anger. Medosh rises and removes fire from his mouth, he says the gods cannot be saved from me.
There ganesh says we will win against evil because we have indra dev’s Vajra astra, whose power can penetrate anything. Indra dev removes Vajra astra and then removes the lightning power. Ganesh says the god of

water, varun astra, water gives us life but can be destructible too, varun dev’s power of water can kill the demons and vayu dev, vayu because of which we live in this world, can lift mountains when the air is in terror. Vayu dev shows his power. Ganesh says surya dev with his tej can blind the demons with his power and light and agni dev, the lord of fire can burn the demons t their skeletons.
Andhkasura’s more demons come, another demon who can run faster without anyone noticing him jumps in the air and then shoots an arrow at rishi shokracharya. The arrow comes as rishi is terrified, the arrow lands at rishi’s legs. Rishi is angry. The demon lands down and andhkasura laughs. Demons says pranam. Rishi says did you want to kill me? Demon says rishi it was my way of doing pranam. Rishi says demon, I know the knowledge of mrit sanjeevani from which dead demons can be given life, but I swear I wont bring you back alive. The demon is shocked. Another demon comes who has 5 clones, the demon disappears and is transparent. All demons are amazed. A demon uses his arrow and attacks that demon but nothing happens, he is shocked. Andhkasura says enough and all gather together. Rishi shokracharya says that is amazing, how can he go transparent? Andhkasura says that demon has 4 clones that are protected inside a circular shell, with that shell, no weapon can hit his body until he is transparent, if those shells are destroyed only then he can be killed.
There ganesh says we have the power of brahma dev, lord Vishnu and my father a warrior, mahadev! Everyone smile. Ganesh says with them no one can defeat us but we also should under estimate the powers of demon as they will cheat with us at any level. Ganesh says but we shouldn’t also forget, we have my brother a very good strategist at battle, he will tell everyone his war strategy.
Kartikeya says yes brother, he steps in and says brahma dev please help me in this. Brahma dev comes forward and shows a map of the battle land with all armies placed. Kartikeya says all gods, look at this map, andhkasura has placed his armies here. Kartikeya says tomorrow when the battle will be there, before that ganesh will go ahead and challenge andhkasura! Indra dev says but even I can challenge him. Kartikeya says yes but brother ganesh already met andhkasura and had warned him, if he challenges him then andhkasura will be angry and will come out, kartikeya says that time agni dev, varun dev and vayu dev can distract the armies to one corner and then indra dev you and me, we will take andhkasura and capture him, then all will go and free mata laxmi. Everyone agree and say yes and say har har mahadev.
There all demons say asur samrat andhkasura ki jai ho! At night, mahadev is meditating and thinks parvati I hoped you were here, I would be happy. There parvati is near shiv ling and thinks swami I am near you only. Lord Vishnu thinks devi laxmi, I will do anything and free you, there mata laxmi thinks swami take me away from here soon. Brahma dev thinks tomorrow is a huge test for everyone in this universe. Kartikeya thinks tomorrow’s battle has to be as planned, the demons can be cheating too. Ganesh thinks the evil has to be destroyed, andhkasura must have planned something too.

Precap: next day all gods are ready and armies are ready. Suddenly 5 demons come towards the gods, the demons are powerful. All god armies start scattering.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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