Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Son runs with lord vishnu’s shell.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with son running with the shell and says yes I have mama’s shell. There lord Vishnu thinks this is the sound of my shell. Laxmi says prabhu isn’t this the sound of your shell? Lord Vishnu says yes devi. Laxmi says so now you will have to go and take it from nephew as you all well know how to take care of children and you were not even meditating now, how did nephew take it from you? Lord Vishnu now agrees that son is mischievous. Laxmi laughs. Lord Vishnu says devi if you would…. Laxmi says no prabhu I will not go to kailash, you only go and take the shell from son. Lord Vishnu says that is right, I have to go to kailash myself and take the shell myself.
There parvati says where is my son? He is nowhere to be found. Nandi thinks I didn’t find son anywhere, how

do I go and tell mata that I couldn’t find son anywhere? Nandi then slowly walks inside. Parvati see nandi, suddenly from outside son’s laughing voice is heard and nandi and parvati see outside. Nandi thinks I was worrying but son is right here. Parvati smiles and says we all were troubled but son is playing here.
There nandi and all gan go to lord Shankar to say something, lord Shankar is meditating. Suddenly the sound of the shell is heard. Everyone look behind at son. Lord Shankar opens his eyes. Nandi and all gan see and nandi think is that shree hari vishnu’s shell? Nandi asks shingi and says do you think it is that? Shingi says nandi ji I was just thinking about that, it means it is narayana’s shell. Lord Shankar says where is that sound coming from nandi? Nandu thinks let prabhu see himself. Everyone get aside. Lord Shankar looks at the shell and smiles and says that is shree hari narayana’s shell. Nandi says mahadev it seems son also went to vaikunth without telling anyone and he met shri hari and devi laxmi and from there brought the shell. Lord Vishnu appears and does pranam to mahadev. Lord Vishnu says nandi you are right, son came to vaikunth but before going he took the shell from my hand. Mahadev smiles. Lord Vishnu says son give me my shell back. Son listens and says mama shri hari, you here? I just came back after meeting you and you are here. Lord Vishnu says yes son I have come to take my shell back. Son says no mama shree, I am playing with it. Lord Vishnu says mahadev please tell your son to give my shell back. Mahadev says shri hari you know I am bholenath, I don’t know how to take care of kids, you only take it from him. lord Vishnu says it is right mahadev, I take care of this world, I will take the shell from son. Lord Vishnu says son give me the shell. Son laughs and says mama shri if you want then you have to catch me. Lord Vishnu thinks okay then, to take my shell from a kid I have to be a child. Lord Vishnu runs behind son saying give my shell back son. Son laughs and runs and says catch me mama shri. Lord Vishnu runs behind lord Vishnu and mahadev and all gan watch and smile. Laxmi and saraswati laugh. Brahma dev says a mantra and saraswati says what does it mean prabhu? Brahma dev says shri hari got this shell from the churning of the ocean, and the ocean or sagar is devi laxmi’s father, so lord Vishnu values the shell a lot as the shell is devi laxmi’s father too.
There vajrantak sees son running and says I will kill this boy today as sindhura has sent me to kill him, but he is an elephant head, why did sindhura send me to kill this boy? Son runs in the forest as lord Vishnu runs behind him saying give my shell back son!
Vajrantak hides behind a tree and son comes there, he goes behind son. Son thinks why do I think someone is behind me? Is it mama shri? Vajrantak becomes a small statue. Son looks behind and sees nothing then he sees down and takes the statue and says this wooden toy looks nice, I should play with this, I will take it home. Son takes the statue but lord Vishnu comes running, son throws it away and runs. Vajrantak is angry and he hides behind a tree and says he threw me? Then vajrantak sees lord Vishnu and is shocked, he hides behind a tree and says if lord Vishnu sees me then it will be the end for me today, he will kill me. Lord Vishnu stops and thinks why do I feel like someone is here? Son then runs and says I have your shell mama shri, he goes. Lord Vishnu runs behind son.
There parvati says to jaya and vijaya that I have to go to meet lord Vishnu as he will tell me the right name for son. Jaya sees and smiles and says parvati you don’t need to go as shri hari is here in kailash only. Jaya vijaya and parvati see and all smiles. Parvati and everyone come out. Lord Vishnu runs behind son in the forest, everyone Including nandi and all gan come there. Lord Vishnu stops and thinks now I tried being a kid, now I will be an adult. He says maheshwari to parvati and says see your son has taken my shell. Everyone then smile and parvati laughs. Parvati is about to say son but lord Shankar comes and says parvati! And then they all see lord Vishnu going behind son and then he says to son, son I take care of this world, I am one of the tridev, it is not easy to deceive me, I will take my shell. Son thinks I will not give the shell to mama shri, son now eats the shell and it is in his stomach. Everyone is shocked, parvati says son! Lord Vishnu says my shell! Lord Shankar smiles.

Precap: vajrantak says I will stay with this child and then kill him. saraswati plays her veena.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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