Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaam dev attacks arrow on mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kaam dev and indra dev hiding behind the rock. Kaam dev says indra dev I cannot see mahadev and if I attack an arrow, something wrong can happen. there parvati does her work and then she comes out of cave to go back to the palace in Kailash. Indra dev sees parvati and says mata parvati is coming, we have to hide. Kaam dev says yes, if mata parvati sees us then it will be a huge problem. Kaam dev and indra dev hide behind the rock and walk around it as parvati goes to the palace.
Indra dev gets angry and says kaam dev, I knew it you did this on purpose, and you made us wait here long so that mata parvati would go from here and then you wouldn’t have to use your love arrow on mahadev. Kaam dev gets angry and says indra dev, how could you say this and blame me? I

came here even though you forced me to come, I have to use my powers and you are also forcing me to go inside the cave alone, you are not taking the risk but I am taking a risk on my life. Now you blame me that I delayed our plan on purpose, this is enough devraj, I am going back now.
In brahmalok, brahma dev says I am meditating now. the gods say see there indra dev and kaam dev are there, kaam dev has to do something soon!
Mata parvati reaches the palace but stops and says I forgot the old flowers back in the cave, it will create a foul smell, I will go and take them out. Parvati walks back towards the cave. As kaam dev and indra dev argue, indra dev sees mata parvati coming back and says look there, mata is coming back we have to hide quickly otherwise we will be in a problem. Kaam dev and indra dev again hide behind the huge rock and walk around it hiding as parvati goes back in the cave to mahadev to collect the foul flowers.
Indra dev then says kaam dev, we have a chance now, go and attack your arrow on mahadev, he will be attracted towards mata parvati. Kaam dev walks with his bow and stands at the entrance of the cave and aims the arrow at mahadev. Kaam dev says forgive me prabhu, I did not intend to do this. Kaam dev attacks his arrow and the love arrow hits mahadev. Parvati stands in front of him. mahadev opens his eyes in an instant and he sees parvati and remembers devi sati, he says sati?! Mahadev remembers how sati killed herself by burning herself and then he did tandav as the world was about to be destroyed.
The world shakes, brahma dev and Vishnu dev and everyone see. Brahma dev says a huge sin, kaam dev has done a wrong thing! Brahma dev and lord Vishnu come in Kailash, all gods appear and indra dev is worried. Lord Vishnu says indra dev what have you done? You forced kaam dev to do this, it is your mistake.
Kaam dev is scared and mahadev gets angry as his eyes turn red, his 3rd eye opens and attacks on kaam dev. Kaam dev shivers as he closes his eyes and says forgive me mahadev, forgive me. the arrow hits kaam dev as he burns and is killed in an instant. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: mahadev’s anger increases and he starts doing tandav. Brahma dev and lord Vishnu say indra dev, you have done a sin! How could you do this and force kaam dev?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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