Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sindhura goes pleading to saraswati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya and gajanan surrounded by sindhura’s clone army. Kartikeya has 2 swords and as the army runs towards kartikeya, kartikeya kills all soldiers one by one. Then he removes his shield and defends the spells thrown by the army clones. Kartikeya kills the clones and then with his spear weapon he rotates in the air, the clones are thrown in the air and all die. Sindhura is shocked to see this. Gajanan says thank you brother kartikeya. Kartikeya smiles and goes.
Gajanan attacks an arrow on sindhura. Sindhura falls down. he gets up and is angry and says now I will not leave you kid, my agni form will kill you. Sindhura uses his weapon and says something in it, then he removes a demon of his fire form. The demon stands huge with fire around its body. It screams

and the universe shakes. Suryadev says gajanan has to do something otherwise this demon will destroy the entire universe. There gajanan sees as the demon walks towards him. gajanan sits down and with his hands he creates a yantra which shines blue. Gajanan prays and lord Vishnu smiles. The yantra comes up in air and its light falls on the fire demon. Sindhura says what is this kid doing? The yantra affects the fire demon and the fire demon in turn looks at sindhura with anger. Sindhura says what happened to him? the fire demon screams and attacks sindhura. Sindhura says what did this child do?
Parvati says my son has used that yantra from which an evil’s power is turned over himself and he is destroyed. There the fire demon attacks sindhura. Gajanan sits praying. Sindhura says this demon is hurting me and not even listening to me, before he does anything I have to destroy him. sindhura removes his weapon and attacks the demon, with his powers he attacks the demon and the demon screams in pain. The demon then bursts from the attack and sindhura falls down from its effect. The world shakes. Sindhura gets up and says I got injured but nothing happened to this child. Gajanan opens his eyes and thinks now enough of this play, it is time to punish this demon. Gajanan says sindhura ji, you have crossed your limits and now it is time for you to be punished. Gajanan prays and resonating waves come out of his body. The asteroids around the planet turn into the rudra ashta form of ganpati with 10 hands and various weapons. All asteroids turn into this form and then surround sindhura. Sindhura is scared as he sees these forms. The forms come near to sindhura. Sindhura gets scared and says leave me. Sindhura disappears.
In brahmalok, saraswati says where did sindhura go prabhu? I don’t feel right about this. Sindhura comes in brahmalok running and says save me, save me mata. Saraswati says how did he come in brahmalok? Brahmadev is angry. Sindhura comes running and falls on his knees, he says mata please save me please protect me. Saraswati is sad. Sindhura says mata and father, I am sorry I insulted both of you, you gave me powers but i gained ego and challenged and attacked you both. Sindhura says mata, I have done many sins but father gave me a curse before giving me a chance to change myself. Sindhura says everyone does a mistake in life but everyone should get at least once chance to change themselves and now I have understood my mistake, please forgive me and give me one chance to change myself. Saraswati has tears and looks at brahmadev. Sindhura says okay father, I think I don’t deserve a chance, I shall go. sindhura gets up and is leaving. Gajanan comes walking. Sindhura gets scared and falls down and says please save me. Gajanan comes ahead. Saraswati is worried for sindhura. Gajanan says pranam to brahmadev and saraswati. Brahmadev says kalyan ho and blesses gajanan. Gajanan says where were you asur ji? I was finding you there. Saraswati says son gajanan, my son sindhura has asked for forgiveness and has understood his mistake I should give him one chance to make everything right again, forgive him. gajanan says I will listen to my aunt and I forgive you sindhura ji. Gajanan says she is a mother and a mother always showers her love on her children, she protects them and saves them from all evil, that is what mata saraswati is doing, return her love as she does sindhura ji! Gajanan says now my work is finished here, I shall go back to kailash. Gajanan does pranam to saraswati and brahmadev. Gajanan goes. Brahmadev is still angry on sindhura. Sindhura then says thank you mata. Sindhura gets up, saraswati says sindhura I will teach you everything and guide you. Saraswati says I will make you divya and capable, now you shall start with your meditation first. Sindhura says yes mata I will go and start. Sindhura is going when he stops and turns back. Saraswati says what happened sindhura? Sindhura says mata I will start the meditation but before that can you give me that wish again? Saraswati says which wish? Sindhura says that wish from which I can gain control of anyone’s thoughts and minds. Saraswati is shocked and says what? Why do you need that when you are going to meditate. Brahmadev is angry and saraswati is angry. Sindhura says angrily that is enough!

Precap: gajanan comes and sindhura holds his body, gajanan starts becoming huge and huge. Sindhura bursts into red color sindoor on gajanan’s body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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