Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: rishi durvasa cries.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev and parvati disappearing. Rishi is shocked and he starts regretting his curse. Ganesh says mother! Kartikeya says where did they go? rishi feels sad. Nandi says I will check inside the palace, everyone go and check. Ganesh is sad and he says since past days he was worried after seeing mother’s change in behavior and it felt she would leave kailash but father convinced me and I stopped worrying but now they both have gone. Kartikeya is angry and cries. Rishi sees and he cries his stick and kumandal falls down. rishi cries and sees the place where mahadev and parvati stood, rishi falls at it and starts crying, he says what have I done? Because of me, my mata and father have gone, I have done a huge crime for which I cannot live. Rishi says how will I stay alive after

knowing the sin that I did, mata and mahadev have gone? Rishi starts beating his head on the ground as his head bleeds. Lord Vishnu thinks, rishi’s anger has gone and now he feels guilty for what he has done.
Suryadev thinks, every time rishi goes somewhere he uses his arrogant and rude words and his curses to destroy all peace and happiness. Indra dev thinks if I had known rishi would come to kailash, I would not have told him we were going to kailash.
Ganesh gets up and stops rishi and rishi please stop, don’t hurt yourself. Lord Vishnu thinks ganesh is so mature, he kept his sorrow away and is relieving rishi of his pain. Ganesh says rishi, what had to happen has happened now and we cannot change it, killing yourself wont change it rishi. Rishi gets up and cries, he says please forgive me ganesh ji, I have sinned. Kartikeya gets very angry. Ganesh says rishi, now we have to find father and mother, you cursed them but you can help us in finding them. Rishi thinks, that is right if I have to amend my mistake then I have to find mata and mahadev. Kartikeya says angrily, every time because of your anger and rude words, somebody is hurt and you curse them without thinking of anything, you brought sorrow to such a happy festival today. Rishi says kumar kartikeya, I know you are sad and forgive me for that but I don’t know why I cant control my anger? Lord Vishnu says some times, the anger and curses of rishi also have a purpose which brings good for the world. Kartikeya says mama ji, how can the anger and curse of rishi bring good for the world? Rishi says it is true what shree hari narayana said, I had cursed my wife due to my anger but it had a purpose that brought good for the world. Kartikeya and ganesh say you cursed your own wife?
Rishi tells the story as kartikeya says wait, we don’t have time for stories. Ganesh says brother, maybe this story can give us the solution to finding father and mata parvati.
Rishi tells story and in flashback, one day his wife kadhli is working inside the house while rishi is doing a yagya outside for peace in the world. Rishi then gets up and goes and sleeps for some rest. As rishi sleeps, he goes into deep sleep. There kadhli comes out of the house and sees the yagya is still to be done and rishi is resting, kadhli says it is evening and swami has to do the pooja of the evening now, if I don’t wake him up then the yagya will be a fail. Kadhli says swami is sleeping and if I wake him he will be angered and may curse me but if I don’t wake him up for the yagya, he will get angry and curse me then too. kadhli takes her decision and goes and wakes rishi, she says wake up swami, wake up. Rishi is suddenly woken and he says who dared to wake me from my sleep? You will be burnt by the fire of my anger. Rishi opens his eyes and looks at kadhli and kadhli is attacked by fire, she starts burning. Rishi is shocked and says no! kadhli, my dear wife! Kadhli burns to the ground into bhasma powder.
Rishi sits and cries and says what have I done? Rishi cries. Suddenly kadhli’s father, a rishi comes and says pranam rishi durvasa, I came to meet you and my daughter kadhli. Rishi is in sorrow and he gets up and does pranam. Kadhli’s father says where is kadhli rishi? Rishi cries and says here is your daughter! Kadhli’s father sees the bhasma and cries, he says how did this happen? Rishi durvasa tells, it was because of his anger and he got woken up from sleep. Durvasa says curse me rishi, please curse me. Rishi says no rishi durvasa, I think the world has something good in your curse, there is something that will give the world something good today, you have to bless my daughter who turned into bhasma. Rishi gets up and he says I shall bless you devi kadhli, I bless you that you will be grown into the kadhli tree and the kadhli flower will become all humans food and give all good things to mankind. The tree grows and it gives the banana fruit and a huge red kadhli flower.
Ganesh says rishi’s curse gave the good things to mankind, now we have to find mata and father.

Precap: ganesh says mother and father are in a graveyard. All gods, ganesh, kartikeya and rishi durvasa go to this graveyard and ganesh sees parvati and mahadev in their kaal forms.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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