Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev loses everything.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev thinking to win airaavat back, I can leave something else. Indra dev is sad. Shumbh says I cant make you more sad, lets stop this game. Indra dev says no, I want to play, don’t stop. Shokracharya says but remember you have to put something else at stake1 too. Svarna lata says yes something more precious to you than airaavat. Shokracharya says put kalpa vriksh at stake. Indra dev thinks how can I give the kalpa tree at stake? All gods are shocked and suryadev says what are you saying asur guru?
Shumbh says okay devraj, so you have put kalpa vriksh at stake, I need 9 to win. Shumbh throws the dice and it almost falls at 9. All gods see eagerly. Suddenly the number 9 falls and shumbh wins. Indra dev and all gods are shocked and all demons laugh. Shumbh says

are you mad demons? How can you laugh on our friends defeat? All demons stop. Shumbh says devraj you seem very sad, then I don’t want the kalpa vriksh. Svarna lata says I understand this is your trick asur mahanayak shumbh, you don’t want us apsaras to go to dev lok so you want us to live here, that is why you are not taking kalpa vriksh. Indra dev says no that wont happen, according to the rules, you take the kalpa vriksh. The kalpa vriksh comes to rastal lok, all the trees and plants die in dev lok and water dries up. In rastal lok, all greenery comes with trees and water everywhere.
Indra dev is angry and thinks I will win everything back now, I have to play now. Indra dev says asur nayaka shumbh, come on play the next chance. Shumbh says you seem angry devraj. Indra dev says that anger is not for you but for my defeat, your eyes show kindness and I don’t want someone to feel sorry for me, remember I am devraj indra, luck was with me at the start and it will be with me again, lets play. Shokracharya says now what will you put at stake? Shumbh says I will put whataver you have lost, all my apasaras and whatever you had won before at stake now. Shokracharya says you put mata kamdhenu at stake. All gods are shocked and kuber dev says, devraj, these apsaras must be beautiful but not more impornata than mata kamdhenu, stop now or you’ll lose everything. Indra dev thinks I have to win what I slot, I have to play. Devraj says okay and shumbh throws the dice.
Kartikeya says what has devraj done, he put mata kamdhenu at stake. Ganesh says in this game he has forgotten what is right and wrong. Kartikeya says I can see in his eyes the anger to win what he lost and the greed to have those evil apsaras.
Shumbh wins and all demons laugh. Devraj and all gods are shocked. Suryadev says what has happened. Mata kamdhenu is pulled to patal lok and everything in patal becomes abundant with food. Devraj and all gods are sad and indra dev thinks this is ridiculous, I have lost everything. The apsaras says devraj, I believed you would win for me but you lost again, I don’t think you care for me. Shumbh says don’t worry my friend, you can win everything back, this time I will put everything at stake that you lost, all apsaras, everything that you won before and everything that I own! What will you give?
Kartikeya says ganesh what will devraj do now? He has lost everything, he has nothing now. Ganesh says he has one thing still left and if he gives away that, then he will lose everything.
Shokracharya says devraj, you are still devraj because of indrasana! Put that at stake, or else you don’t have anything. All gods are shocked and agni dev says devraj no please, stop this game otherwise you will lose everything! Everything that you and we have. Devraj says I know what to do, he thinks if I win I shall get back what I owned.
Devraj says I put indrasana at stake! Then shumbh throws the dice, the number falls slowly and shumbh wins. Devraj and all gods are completely shocked.
Kartikeya says why is there so much silence ganesh? Did devraj win? Ganesh says devraj has lost, he lost everything.
Shumbh and all demons laugh and laugh. Shumbh says devraj has lost indrasana as well, he has lost everything, calling him devraj now wont be good, it would be an insult to that word devraj. Shumbh says now I asur mahanayak shumbh am the king of patal lok and swarg lok as well, I will rule devlok but don’t worry friend devraj, you will get a job where you will work and live. Don’t worry! You go to yamlok, I am king of swarg lok and patal lok, so work with the dead souls there. All demons and apsaras laugh. Devraj remembers the happy times he had with his wife devi sachi in devlok and with all gods in court and devlok. Devraj says friend shumbh, you call me friend and you insult me like this? Shumbh says what friend? You are no equal to me now, so you are not my friend anymore, everyone laugh. Apsaras say devraj it is right, you are not any worth now to be called a friend, I smiled at you and you followd me here? You are so stupid. Devraj indra is angry and thinks these demons cheated with me and I got trapped in their tricks!
Ganesh says no it is time to teach these demons a lesson.

Precap: Ganesh and kartikeya go to play and say now one chance is still left, we both will play. Shumbh plays with ganesh, shumbh is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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