Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar enters the cave.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with guru shokracharya thinking who is this demon looking exactly like mahadev? Rishi closes his eyes and sees how Jalandhar was born. Rishi thinks Jalandhar was born from mahadev’s anger. Rishi then says you fool, you think you want to be a god? Rishi says you cannot be a god, you are nothing. Jalandhar says yes if I want, I will be the god and everyone will accept it. Rishi laughs and says you cannot be a god, you don’t respect the guru of demons and you think you will earn others respect as a god? Rishi sits on his stone and says you have to prove yourself. Jalandhar says what do I do to prove you that I can be the god? Rishi says if you want to be a god, then accept my challenge and go and enter those 2 caves, if you cross them safely, you can prove yourself good enough

to be a god. Rishi shows the 2 caves. Jalandhar says okay rishi, I will do as I say but I will rule this world as a god too rishi, my wife has a wish that her husband will stay undefeatable forever until she is alive.
Vrinda is worried and Jalandhar says vrinda I will come soon out from the cave. Jalandhar enters the first cave and says I had to accept that rishi’s challenge, I will go out from here easily, I am Jalandhar and I am greater than everyone. Jalandhar goes in and he sees a woman, he says who is it? The woman comes ahead and it is vrinda. Jalandhar says vrinda you? What are you doing here? I told you I would come out, then why did you come? You should have stayed outside safe, already that rishi gave me this challenge. Vrinda says don’t worry love, I shall come with you. As both go ahead, suddenly Jalandhar is trapped by vrinda, it is not vrinda as the woman turns into a snake and holds Jalandhar tightly by covering him. Jalandhar says who are you? The nag comes near Jalandhar to attack him, Jalandhar punches the snake and keeps punching it, Jalandhar is freed and he picks the nag and throws it on ground and kills it. Jalandhar comes out of the cave, rishi and vrinda see. Jalandhar says I am out. Then he sees vrinda and says you are here? Why had you come inside as a nag and tried to attack me? Rishi smiles. Vrinda says I never came inside love, I was outside here all time. Then Jalandhar understands and says so in this cave that snake was there, I killed it guru and you tried to play with me? Vrinda gets angry and says guru shokracharya I brought swami here so you would guide him but you tried to kill him inside that cave. Jalandhar says lets go vrinda, we don’t need his help, I can rule the world on my own. Guru says no you cannot and you wont, I have understood, you are going to die because of a woman, you will know that. Jalandhar says no that will not happen, my wife has a wish and I will stay victorious forever. Guru says okay, you came this far on the mountain, go and try the 2nd cave and you will know. Jalandhar says okay I will do it. Jalandhar goes inside the 2nd cave.
As Jalandhar gets inside, he sees a shadow come in front of him and then he sees the person and says who is that?

Precap: Jalandhar sees, it is mahadev. Jalandhar is shocked and then he says mahadev you will die and I will rule this universe. Jalandhar runs towards mahadev to attack him, mahadev stops him with one hand and just pushes him slightly, Jalandhar is thrown aback with a loud blow and he hits a rock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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