Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer bhadra cuts daksh’s head.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with veer bhadra and mahakli killing all warriors. Mahakali says no one will be saved from me? Not even you daksh. Prajapti daksh is scared. Mahakali kills the warriors. From the fire, yag purush comes out. Yag purush says I have to save myself, veer bhadra will kill me otherwise. Veer bhadra says yag purush, you were a part of this too, sati killed herself and you still continued burning and supporting the yagya. Yag purush turns into a deer and starts running away as fast as he can. Veer bhadra says you cannot save yourself from me. Veer bhadra holds the deer form of yag purush and throws him down, he cuts yag purush and kills him. Indra dev steps forward. Veer bhadra says indra dev, get aside, I will kill daksh anyhow. Indra dev says prabhu daksh is the prajapati and if

he is killed the balance will be affected, I am bound to protect prajapti daksh. Indra dev is sad and says I would not have fought you mahadev! Indra dev removes Vajra and attacks with lightning on veer bhadra. Veer bhadra says this lightning is not hurting me it is angering me even more. Veer bhadra breaks the lightning spell and he then attacks indra dev and kicks him away. Indra dev falls down.
Daksh goes to lord Vishnu and says prabhu you promised to protect me and the yagya, protect me prabhu. Lord Vishnu says prajapti daksh, what you did was totally wrong today and you insulted shiv. Don’t you know? Shiv is the purest soul in the universe and you tried to finish the yagya even after insulting shiv. Lord Vishnu says daksh, you are my disciple but shiv and I are the same, then how could you insult mahadev? You stay in ego daksh and your insult to shiv wont stop mahakli and veer bhadra now, you should know, no one even I cannot stop mahadev’s anger. Lord Vishnu says but I have to protect you as my promise. Veer bhadra attacks agni dev and varun dev who try to stop him, both of them come back. Lord Vishnu steps ahead and veer bhadra says prabhu Narayana! It is not my intent to fight you, please step away from my path as no one can stop me from killing daksh. Lord Vishnu says veer bhadra, you are mahadev’s disciple and in the same way daksh is my disciple, as his god it is my right to forgive him and I have to protect him. Lord Vishnu removes his chakra. Veer bhadra uses his axe. Lord Vishnu attacks the chakra on the axe as both clash. There mahadev is angry. As axe and chakra strike, the power destroys some planets and asteroids. Mahakali comes and she tries keeping the chakra away and says Narayana, this is my revenge. There mahadev says Narayana! My fight is not against you, get aside, daksh has to be killed. As chakra keeps hitting axe, Narayana nods his head and takes back his chakra and goes back. Daksh says lord Vishnu, you promised to protect me. Lord Vishnu says I have done my promise and I promised to protect the yagya, but the yagya has become impure and I no longer will protect it, I will go from here now. Lord Vishnu and laxmi go. Brahma dev and all gods go and other rishi’s run away. Only daksh is left with his wife and kids. Daksh says no, everyone left me. Daksh says I have to run away now. Daksh starts running away as fast as he can. Veer bhadra sees and says daksh you cannot escape from me. Veer bhadra runs behind daksh and holds him, he throws him on ground and daksh says please don’t kill me veer bhadra. Veer bhadra swings his axe and cuts the chest of daksh, daksh opens his eyes and starts laughing, he says you cannot kill me. Veer bhadra kills daksh again and daksh says veer bhadra I cannot be killed by any weapon in the world. Veer bhadra says daksh, I can at least rip your head of with my own hands. Daksh says no veer bhadra, please leave me I am sorry. Veer bhadra picks daksh and rips his head off from his body and throws it in the yagya fire. Mahakali says this is the punishment you deserve daksh.
There in Kailash, veer bhadra and mahakali appear and say prabhu our task is done, we have taken the revenge and killed daksh, now we shall go. Both go. Nandi comes and says prabhu forgive me, as a son I couldn’t do anything to save mata, I tried but I failed, forgive me prabhu. All gods appear and say mahadev, we were bound by the yagya and couldn’t do anything, please forgive us, we wouldn’t have supported daksh in his crime was it not for the yagya. Brahma dev and lord Vishnu appear.

Precap: mahadev puts a donkey head on daksh’s body to bring him back alive. Mahadev goes to see sati’s body but nandi stops him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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