Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: sindhura attacks all gods.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gajanan and para brahma ganpati behind him. the spell of OM starts travelling everywhere in the air. Lord shanakr and mahadev are under the tree and they see the om spell travelling here and there, they do pranam and smile.
There sindhura thinks the gods are out of my control. Indra dev says sindhura brought us here, you evil, you brought us here for the amrit, I will not leave you. Sindhura tries to hypnotize all gods, he uses his powers and eyes. Indra dev says you demon, you are again trying to control us, that wont happen now. All gods and gandharva appear to fight sindhura. Sindhura thinks why aren’t my powers working on them? Sindhura remembers the curse given to him by shokracharya that his powers wont work when he needs them the most. Sindhura thinks

I have to make them show me the way to amrit. Sindhura says indra, take me to the amrit otherwise I wont leave anyone.
There gajanan stands praying and para brahma ganpati is there. Parvati come son her devi form on her lion and mahadev comes. parvati comes and says prabhu ganpati, I am lucky to have your darshan! Para brahma ganpati smiles and says devi parvati, after listening to your prayers for a son I came here and have been born to you as a son. Parvati says I am gratefuk for that prabhu! Mahadev smiles.
There the gandharva and gods say we will attack you sindhura. Gods attacks arrows from their bows. Sindhura with his powers tackles the arrows and attacks his spell on some gods, they fall down, gandharv attack sindhura but sindhura attacks green spells on them and throws them away. A gandharv comes running towards sindhura, sindhura holds him and twists his neck killing him. everyone is shocked. Sindhura says indra I am telling you again, take me to the amrit. Indra dev is shocked but says angrily, sindhura I will kill you. Indra dev attacks with his powers, sindhura is thrown away far in the air. Indra dev says I put him in hell with my powers. Indra dev says vishwakarma ji, put the protection back and safeguard the amrit before that demon arises again.
There parvati says gajanan, you have attained your identity and recognized your powers, your meditation has become successful. Parvati says son now you will have my powers, I am your mother and adishakti and you will have my powers. Son does pranam. Parvati says my trishul depicts strength and the power to kill evil, the flower depicts peace in the universe which you will maintain, my bow and arrow depict steadiness which will kill many demons, my chakra depicts the power of earth to finish its enemies and my gadha depicts its extreme strength to kill all evil in one blow.
There sindhura comes back. Indra dev is shocked and gods say he came back, they all remove their weapons. Sindhura attacks them. Suryadev then creates a shield around them and says my shield will protect us and we can attack him from inside. Suryadev says devraj and everyone attack fast. They all with their weapons attack sindhura, sindhura attacks from his weapon and says you cannot defeat me. Sindhura is thrown away from the attacks again. He appears again and says I am invincible and I will take the amrit. Sindhura walks towards indra dev and all gods standing in between, he with his black powers destroys their attacks and makes their weapons disappear. Agni dev says our weapons are gone. Indra dev thinks I have to do something quickly, he disappears. Vayu dev agnidev and suryadev say we should go to devraj too, they all go. sindhura laughs and says vishwakarma all gods ran away, take me to the amrit otherwise die. Sindhura pulls vishwakarma’s hand and takes him inside.

Precap: indra dev goes to brahma dev. Brahma dev says I cannot help you in this. Indra dev with all gods goes to mahadev parvati and says mata parvati sindhura has attacked everyone and is heading towards the amrit, we need your son gajanan’s help to stop him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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