Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev sends veer bhadra and mahakali.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nandi saying mata what have you done? Mata you should have given one chance to your son mata. Nandi gets up angrily and says here such a huge thing happened and you all are peacefully sitting for the yagya. All gods are worried. nandi and his gan come. Nandi says prajapti dkash what did you do? You let such a thing happen to your daughter, she turned to bhasma in fire. Prajapti daksh says don’t be arrogant or you will face the same punishment. Nandi is very angry and says your daughter killed herself here and you are talking about arrogance? You will die for this prajapati daksh, what kind of a father are you? Rather what a man are you? I will not leave you. Nandi turns into bull and he and his gan run towards prajapti daksh and his yagya. Prajapati gets worried and

thinks nandi will hurt me but the rishi says don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to the maha yagya. Rishi uses spells and summons vribhu warriors to fight nandi and his gan. The warriors come and say we will not let anything happen to the yagya. Nandi and his gan start fighting the warriors. Nandi says to the commander, move aside or I will kill you. All gods are sad and indra dev says, prabhu I would have helped nandi but I am bound to this yagya. Lord Vishnu says what happened was wrong but now what will happen will be even destructive.
Nandi defeats all the warriors and heads towards the yagya to kill prajapti daksh. Nandi looks at the body of sati turned into ash and he cries saying mata, I will not leave prajapti daksh. Nandi runs towards daksh but some soldiers come and attack him. Nandi says no one can stop me now. Nandi throws away all soldiers, the commander comes and uses his power and ties nandi. Nandi says leave me. Lord Vishnu says once mahadev knows, this place will be a graveyard and prajapti daksh wont be saved. Nandi says totla gadsar, go to mahadev.
At Kailash, totla and some gan go. They all cry and say mahadev. Mahadev opens his eyes from meditation. Mahadev says what happened totla? Totla cries and says wrong happened mahadev, very bad has happened. Mahadev sees everything that happened. Mahadev is sad and has tears, he says sati had to go through so much insult. Mahadev goes to the trees and says sati I know you are here, please come sati. Sati’s soul comes and says mahadev, you were right, I shouldn’t have gone and I did not listen to you, I am sorry for what happened. Sati disappears. Mahadev screams, sati no! mahadev gets angry and the universe shakes. Mahadev throws his hair and veer bhadra appears, he calls mahakali too and says both of you, go and create destruction everywhere, kill prajapti daksh and his supporters with extreme prejudice, kill any yaksh, gandharva or god who tries to protect daksh, do not leave anyone, take revenge of the insult of sati, go.
There daksh sits and mahakali comes as the ground shakes. Lord Vishnu says this is the sound of mahakali and veer bhadra coming. Mahakali comes and starts killing all warriors, she throws the head on the yagya. Everyone get up and daksh is scared. Veer bhadra comes running. The rishi says veer bhadra you cannot do anything, I will defeat you. Nandi says prabhu, this man led to everything kill him. Veer bhadra takes the rishi and cuts his head. Everyone is scared.

Precap: prajapti daksh asks lord Vishnu for protection as he promised. Lord Vishnu fights veer bhadra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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