Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan focuses on his chakras to bring his kundli out.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vishwakarma saying indra dev what has happened to you? You brought a demon here? How dare you do that? I will not let anyone inside. Sindhura thinks u should hypnotize them too. sindhura hypnotizes all gandharv and vishwakarma too, the gods and gandharva with vishwakarma disappear and vishwakarma says come inside asur samrat. Vishwakarma makes a way for sindhura indra dev and other gods, they all come in. sindhura says vishwakarma now open the chakra to get us inside. Vishwakarma says yes and he opens the portal to get inside, they all get inside then.
There ganpati says gajanan now focus on the next chakra of vidhi, keep focusing with your power and control its tej. Gajanan focuses and then he passes the vidhi chakra, ganpati says now concentrate on the dwitiya

charka and then the manipurak chakra.
Sindhura comes with indra dev, agnidev, vayudev, suryadev and dev vishwakarma. They come to the next level of the fire rays and sindhura says what happened? Get these fire rays aside so that we can go inside. Vishwakarma says these rays are very powerful, no one can cross them and if they touch anyone then that being may die burning. Suryadev sees and says even my tej cannot pass through this place. Vishwakarma with his hands opens the shield but the rays keep firing here and there. Vishwakarma then creates a shield around everyone. Indra dev says vishwakarma ji are you sure we will be safe in this shield? Vishwakarma says devraj I am the protector of the world, only this shield can be safe from those rays. They all with sindhura cross the rays and reach next level.
There ganpatia says now focus on the chaturth chakra. Gajanan focuses and meditates on the chaturth chakra and has emotions coming in his mind. Gajanan says I will control my emotions, they will be inside me as I am everything and everything is inside me. Gajanan then controls his emotions. Ganpati says focus on the vishwa chakra and the shishtang chakra, you are reaching your goal very swiftly, continue doing so. Gajanan concentrates and attains the shishtang chakra. Ganpati says now the final charka sahastraj is the one which will give you the power that you have and let you know who you are.
There shokracharya says I can see gajanan’s tej, he is swiftly moving towards the end of his meditation, sindhura has to hurry otherwise it will be no use and he will be defeated by gajanan. There shokracharya goes to sindhura and says sindhura I have come to tell you, you need to go quickly and take the amrit, if you don’t then you will be killed easily by gajanan as nothing other than the amrit can save you.
Ganpati focuses on the sahastraj chakra, the light increases from his body. Gajanan says I am feeling tired, I want to rest. Gajanan then thinks about lord Shankar, parvati and kartikeya telling him he needs to recognize his power, gajanan says I will not sleep until I attain my power and my identity. Gajanan focuses and the light gets out from his body, ganpati says focus gajanan this may hurt you but done step back now. Gajanan concentrates and then the light comes out of his mind and merges into para brahma ganpati. Ganpati appears, gajanan opens his eyes and says who am i? para brahma ganpati’s form comes behind gajanan and says you are me and I am you, I am the beginning and I am the end, I am infinity and I am only para brahma ganpati. Gajanan attains his identity and his meditation is successful. The light of his tej spreads all over the universe. There sindhura reaches next level and says we have to cross this, I dotn have much time. There the light reaches, lord Shankar, lord Vishnu and brahma dev and they all smiles. Shokracharya sees the light as it falls on him too and he says gajanan’s meditation has succeeded. Sindhura is in trouble.
There a light ray moves in speed and it falls on sindhura. Sindhura falls down. all gods look at sindhura angrily. Sindhura gets up and says come on now. Indra dev angrily says, sindhura how did you bring us here? They all take their weapons. Sindhura thinks my effect has gone and they are not in my control now.

Precap: shokracharya tells sindhura that now only amrit can save him. there parvati comes on her form on a lion and mahadev comes. parvati says son you have achieved your goal and recognized your power.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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