Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar comes out of the water.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh telling rishi Agastya, rishi the holy water of kaveri from your kumandal is flowing and it will take all the droughts away from south. Rishi says yes ganesh and smiles. Ganesh puts his hand in the water and feels it. There Jalandhar is in the ocean and he hits the bones of fishes creating electric currents. This current goes and hits ganesh. Ganesh feels it and comes out. Rishi says what happened? Ganesh says I sensed a danger in the water rishi, some current hit me from the water. Rishi says I have to see what there is in the water. Rishi closes his eyes.
There Jalandhar gets on ocean floor and laughs and says I am the end of mahadev. Jalandar sees a shark coming and he says my true power can defeat mahadev, I will make you my slave. The shark is swimming

when Jalandhar jumps on it. The shark moves here and there as Jalandhar sits on the shark. Jalandhar then uses his power and strikes a blow on the shark’s back, Jalandhar then controls the shark. He swims above the water and comes on the surface sitting on the shark. The same woman stands at the beach side of the ocean as he gold bangle shines reflecting golden light in the water. The woman sees Jalandhar, Jalandhar looks at her for some time as the woman smiles looking at him. Jalandhar goes inside the water on the back of the shark. The woman gets angry and she goes to the temple of lord Vishnu, she says prabhu what is the use of my beauty when I couldn’t attract that man towards me? Woman says I curse my own beauty, I want to be such a way that the man on the shark gets attracted towards me, I want to be the woman he would like. The woman goes as her beauty turns into an evil demoness beauty.
There mahadev says what problem has arose? Brahma dev says it is the fire ball of your anger that has created a problem mahadev, it has become a threat for the world now. Mahadev says my anger? Parvati says but how can mahadev’s anger harm the world? Brahma dev says I tried telling you since when but rishi agastya’s problem was being discussed so I couldn’t bring up the topic. Brahma dev says mahadev the fire ball of your anger has turned into something which even I don’t know of, but it is a huge problem. Mahadev closes his eyes to know what has happened.
There rishi Agastya opens his eyes and gets scared, ganesh says what happened rishi? Rishi says it is Jalandhar, mahadev’s fire anger has created a powerful demon who is mahadev’s ansh, he is the creation from fire and water and is dangerous for the entire universe.
There mahadev says it is Jalandhar! Brahma dev says who is Jalandhar? Mahadev says he was created from the fire ball of my anger, he is a creature very powerful and truly a threat, something has to be done.
As Jalandhar is inside the water, he hears a woman singing a song outside the water. Jalandhar comes out of the water on land as it is night, he walks ahead and sees a mountain from where he hears the sound. Jalandhar laughs and says who is it? I like whatever it is. Jalandhar goes behind the mountain and sees a woman, he calls her and she looks behind, the woman is the same woman but now a demon, she has long teeth and she laughs looking at Jalandhar.

Precap: Jalandhar says mahadev I will kill everyone and you too. Mahadev says Jalandhar has to be killed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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