Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev and gods go to rasatal lok.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying how can indra dev be so stupid? Kartikeya says what happened ganesh? Ganesh says indra dev accepted shumbh’s invitation to rasatal lok for the function, all gods will go there. Kartikeya says what? Who permitted indra dev to do this? How can he even accept an invitation from demons?
There dev rishi kashyap says indra dev, how dare you do this? How could you accept the invitation? Indra dev says dev rishi, I thought that would be beneficial for everyone and a good king never seeks out war. Kashyap says this is not right, ganesh ji told you to be alert but you still did not listen, this could be planned by shumbh, how do you know that? You should have been alert and it was not an invitation, it was a warning saying either come to the function or be ready

for war. Indra dev says I respect you dev rishi kashyap but I did what I thought was right and I am devraj so I have the authority to decide. Indra dev says all gods we shall go there and prepare our chariots now. Kashyap says I am not coming! Indra dev says that is your decision, but I wont change mine. Indra dev and all gods sit and head towards rastal lok.
There kartikeya says ganesh we have to stop the gods, they are doing a huge mistake. Ganesh says brother, indra dev was warned before and he did not listen to dev rishi kashyap as well, once a person has made up his mind, no one can change it, so let them face the consequences of their actions, let the gods suffer their karma! After all it is their mistake as well to do this stupidity.
There indra dev and all gods reach rasatal lok and indra dev says see the preparations, that must have been done for us. They have made a separate way for us to enter the palace. All the gods land down. they come through to near the gates of the palace. Suddenly shumbh appears with his 2 heads. Indra dev thinks what a weird demon? With 2 heads? Nishumbh then separates from shumbh’s body and all gods think they can separate too. shumbh then says welcome indra dev to my palace, you have honored us demons. Indra dev hugs shumbh and says I believe the demons and gods should have peace now. Shumbh says right what you said, I have wanted the same always. Shumbh smiles cunningly.
There all demonesses are told that the gods have come, they take their disguise as beautiful women. Indra dev and all gods are welcomed inside the court and they think about the beautiful apsaras. Shumbh then says from now, we will say the slogan, demon-god brother-brother! Ganesh tells kartikeya that indra dev and all demons are saying these slogans, but even the gods shall suffer their karma.
There shumbh says we have arranged this dance for you. Some women come and dance and then the demonesses come as beautiful apsaras, all gods are happy and look at them as they think about them. Indra dev says this apsara is mine, I will give her these flowers garland. The demonessed dance to woo the gods. Shumbh then serves them a drink made by the demons.

Precap: all gods are cheated by the demons. The gods drink the drinks made by the demons as they are also wooed by the demonesses.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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