Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sati commits suicide.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev telling the story ahead of his and devi sati’s marriage. In flashback, sati meets her mother, as mother comes she ignores her but sati in excitement hugs her mother. Sati looks at everyone as they watch her and she thinks why is everyone not talking to me? Sati thinks they are all looking at me weirdly. Prajapt daksh comes and sati says father, see I am here. Prajapti daksh gets angry as he sees sati and says what are you doing here? Sati is taken aback and says it is my father’s yagya, I came to attend it father, I thought you wouldn’t mind. Prajapti daksh is angry and says go away from here sati. Sati is sad and says what?
Prajapti daksh says sati I was against you since the day you married that mahadev, you both don’t have any place in or near

my palace or house and near me or your mother. Prajapti daksh says you married that untidy mahadev, that person who doesn’t have sense of staying in good clothes and wears animal skins, he stays unclean and keeps sitting under that tree of his all time without any purpose and you married that person. Prajapti says mahadev is of no use to this universe and I hate him, still you married him against my wish. As prajapti daksh insults mahadev, all gods including brahma dev and Vishnu dev stay silent all the time. Sati is disheartened by the words of her father and she has tears as she looks at everyone. Sati says father that is enough, you insult my swami. Prajapti daksh is angry and says go away rom here. Sati thinks what mahadev told her, to stay calm if anything would happen at the place and not to go somewhere we are not invited. Sati has tears and she closes her eyes and sits down. Sati says I came here to meet my father and mother, father insulted my swami which means he insulted me as well. Sati says agni, I do not want to live with an insult, I shall die now and turn to bhasma as a result of my father’s insult to my swami. Sati sits and she starts burning herself, sati burns as fire turns her to bhasma and ash. Everyone say stop devi sati, please don’t do this. Prajapti doesn’t move and sits back for the yagya. Everyone scream and say sati stop please. Sati screams nath! My mahadev.
Outside nandi says why is devi sati screaming? I cannot go in, she told me to stay out here, I shall wit until devi sati comes out.
Inside sati burns and she finally turns to bhasma powder. There mahadev who meditates hears his name but keeps meditating as he thinks its something else.
There brahma dev gets up and says I cannot be a part of this yagya, prajapti anymore. Prajapti says brahma dev please don’t go. The rishi says getting up from the yagya is not good and it can be negative for the yagya. Brahma dev says prajapti daksh, I stay only because you are my son but you insulted mahadev, the person whose name shiv only is so pure, brahma dev sits down. Prajapti daksh continues the yagya.
There nandi thinks he should once check what is happening inside. Nandi comes inside as the bull and he sees devi sati’s remains as bhasma. He screams loudly no devi sati! Nandi is angry and he aims towards the yagya to destroy it. Nandi charges.

Precap: mahadev knows about sati’s suicide and he gets angry and screams devi sati! Mahadev sends veer bhadra to kill who was responsible for sati’s death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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