Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan meditates focusing on the fire.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati coming in gajanan’s room to wake him up, she sees gajanan is not there and thinks where is he? She then says today without waking gajanan up, he went himself for his meditation. Parvati goes to gajanan who is standing and meditating. Parvati looks at gajanan meditating and smiles and looks at the fire, she then goes. Gajanan looks at the fire and meditates.
There shokracharya says sindhura I curse you, your powers will be useless when you need them the most. Rishi then puts the curse on sindhura. Sindhura is shocked. Sindhika says guru please forgive asur samrat, he just came here to ask for your help. Sindhura thinks I have to ask for help, if I don’t ask for forgiveness then things may heat up more. Sindhura says guru please forgive me, I didn’t

mean to insult you but you are the guru of all demons and that is why I have come to you to ask for your help. Sindhura says guru shokracharya I need your help in suggesting me a way to kill mahadev and devi parvati’s son gajanan. Rishi is angry and says that is impossible, get lost from here I will not help you in this task. Sindhura says why guru? Because you are mahadev’s disciple? Guru remember you were made the guru of demons by all demons and they all respected you since then, you were insulted by the gods, you have been guiding all demons since then and I have come for your help, it is your duty and karma to help me. Guru closes his eyes and sees gajanan meditating. He opens and says gajanan is meditating to recognize his power, once he does that and succeeds then he will be invincible and you wont be able to defeat him, before that happens you have to defeat him. sindhura says okay. Sindhika says but we tried many times he was invincible. Guru says nothing can happen to him until he is in kailash, you have to bring him out of kailash. Guru says sindhura first you have to conquer the throne of indra dev and become their king, then drink amrit from which you will become undefeatable. Then go and defeat gajanan. Sindhura says okay. Guru says remember don’t waste any time as gajanan is finishing his meditation.
Gajanan is meditating, there is a forest fire and gajanan meditates In that heat, he then stands on one leg as the ground heats up and his legs burn. Gajanan focuses on the fire.
There indra dev says that child gajanan is meditating and he will soon be powerful, he will be an insult to us if he becomes a god. Suryadev says devraj, it may take him many years what is the need to worry? Indra dev says he may become a god and take my throne too. sindhura comes and says your throne will be taken but by me. All gods get up and take their weapons. Indra dev removes his vajra. Sindhura laughs and says you all cannot do anything to me, you will listen to me. Sindhura hypntoises them and then goes and sits on the throne. He says keep your weapons inside. All gods keep their weapons. Sindhura says indra go and bring me amrit, I want to drink amrit. Indra dev says maharaj it is not so easy to bring amrit, the amrit can be taken only by the permission of the tridev and it is kept where there are 4 levels of protection, on one side there are all gandharva and some gods and great dev vishwakarma to protect it, then comes other side which is protected by fire rays such that if they touch anyone that being will burn and die soon, the next level is protected by very sharp axes which swing very fast and cut anyone that come in their way, and the final level the amrit is protected by 4 cobra nag snakes which protect the amrit and keep an eye on it at all times. Sindhura says has anyone ever taken the amrit? Indra dev says only garud ji has taken the amrit, he wanted to save his mother so he crossed all levels but the tridev were impressed to see the love of garud for his mother so they granted him the amrit, lord Vishnu was impressed and made garud his vehicle to fly. Sindhura says if someone can do it then it is not impossible for me. Sindhura says take me there, indra dev agni dev vayu dev and surya dev go with sindhura.
There it snows now and gajanan still meditates to attain his goal. Parvati sees and is proud of gajanan.
There indra dev agnia dev and vayu dev come to the gate and see gandharv and gods. Dev vishwakarma comes and says pranam devraj, welcome here, what happened? Indra dev says let me go past, I want the amrit. Vishwakarma and everyone is shocked and says what? You know that I cannot do it, only the tridev can allow someone to take the amrit. Indra dev says it was not a request it was an order. Vishwakarma is shocked and thinks why is indra dev acting like this suddenly? Indra dev and agnidev and vayudev then get aside as sindhura comes. vishwakarma thinks indra dev brought a demon with him?
There gajanan meditates looking at the fire as it is storm now and he stands on one leg. From the fire para brahma ganpati’s voice comes and says gajanan focus on your inner body of the chakra of your kundli where your true power is hidden. Gajanan says who is that? Ganpati it is me, I am para brahma ganpati and I will help you, you have to focus on the chakra of your kundli. As gajanan focuses the chakra release rays inside gajanan’s body and he gets pain. Ganpati says you will feel the pain but focus and you will know who you are. Gajanan says it feels painful but I will undergo this pain.
There rishi shokracharya looks at the clouds lightning and says there gajanan has almost finished his meditation, sindhura may get late.

Precap: the gods and sindhura go to the 2nd level to take amrit. Gajanan has accomplished his meditation and meets para brahma ganpati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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