Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shumbh sends a message to indra dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya with rishi markande in patal lok where mahadev is meditating. Ganesh says father and mother have given us the sign, now shumbh has become demon king but he needs to be defeated, shumbh is clever and cunning.
There all gods are in swarg lok and indra dev says this new demon shumbh has arisen as the king of all demons, we have to be alert, if he attacks then we have to stop him with our army. Dev rishi kashyap says as ganesh ji said, it is not very easy to stop shumbh and his demons, ganesh ji can guide us the right way to defeating these demons, indra dev says yes that is true, but our armies shall patrol the universe. Suddenly a messenger demon of shumbh comes and says let me inside swarg lok, I have brought a message. Indra dev allows the demon

to come in
The demon comes and says devraj indra, asur samrat shumbh sends his regards for you and has send a message as well as a gift for you. Indra dev thinks. Dev rishi kashyap says indra dev, we shouldn’t take any message from this demon, it will compromise swarg lok if we allow anything inside devlok. Indra dev says you are right dev rishi, but we should see what message shumbh has sent, it is important. Indra dev tells the demon to send the message. The demon says the message will come to you, the demon goes back to rasatal lok.
As all gods and indra dev with rishi kashyap sit in the court, suddenly some beautiful women covered in their saree by face, come inside the court. Indra dev and all gods see and they smile. The women come and are actually demonesses sent by shumbh to woo the gods. The demonesses remove their drapes and look all beautiful, they say their names one by one to indra dev. All gods think, these apsaras are so beautiful. Indra dev and all gods get mesmerized by the beauty of the women. The demoness says devraj indra, we have been sent by asur samrat shumbh, he has sent a message for you. Indra dev smiles and says yes tell me. The demoness says devraj, samrat shumbh has sent a peace offering between him and the gods and he has thus kept a function in his palace in rasatal lok where you all gods are invited, if you don’t come then he has told you to be ready for war. All gods think and indra dev looks at the gods. Indra dev says you all are even more beautiful than the apsaras of dev lok, now that I know even in rasatal lok there are such gems hidden, I think I should visit rasatal lok some time. The women says what have you decided on the message sent by king shumbh? Indra dev thinks and rishi kashyap says no to indra dev. The woman says I should have known that you are after all a god and wont make peace with demons, I thought you are so brave and strong, you will come and make peace with the demons, devraj indra you are so great, I was a fool to believe you would be kind to us. The other women say lets go back, we should tell samrat shumbh. Indra dev says wait! Tell your king that devraj indra has accepted his offer, we gods will be there for the function. The women smile and they go. rishi kashyap says what have you done devraj? Indra dev says don’t worry dev rishi, we will manage this between us and the demons.
There ganesh is with kartikeya and rishi markande, he says no! what has indra dev done. Kartikeya says what happened ganesh? Ganesh says indra dev has said yes to the demons offering, shumbh is very cunning, he has planned against the gods.

Precap: indra dev and all gods appear on rasatal lok. Shumbh and nishumbh come and separate from each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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