Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruru fights mata kali.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with chand and mund with ruru and mahishpondurak. Mahishpondurak and ruru say we wont fight against mata kaushaki as she is the form of the mother of the universe, mata parvati. Chund and mand say these demons are of no use, maharaj shumbh sent them for help, but what do we do now? Chund says we both are very strong and can defeat this devi easily, mand then says but ruru, if you talk about a warrior, you have been ordered by maharaj shumbh to go and bring this devi back to swarg lok, so being a warrior your dharma is to fight and listen to the orders of your king. Mahishpondurak thinks, chund and mand are making ruru fight mata parvati.
Ruru says yes you are right, I am a warrior and have got orders from king shumbh, I will fight this devi because a soldier’s dharma

is to follow the orders of his commander and king. Mata kaushaki closes her eyes and summons her mata kali form, the mata kali form arises very huge in size taller than ruru. All demons are shocked and chund, mund say brother, this devi does seem very powerful, but ruru is stronger, he will easily defeat her. Ruru runs towards mata kali who seems very angry. Ruru runs and tries to punch mata kali but mata kali kicks him and ruru flies and falls down with a bang as the ground cracks. Chund and mand are shocked and chund says brother, she is very powerful, she put down the mahabali ruru so easily. Ruru gets up and says to chund and mand, she is the jagat janni, she is very powerful. Mand says to chund, brother we have to do something and make ruru fight this devi kali, we can both take care of that devi kaushaki. Chund says yes and then he says you are the mahabali ruru, how can you be defeated? And just look at her, after all she is a woman, she can be defeated easily, ruru you can easily defeat her, use your powers and fight her. Ruru gets up and says I am a soldier, that is why I cant step back, I have to fight. chund and mand say mahabali ruru ki jai!
Ruru comes ahead and he uses his powers and using an electric spell, he ties the hands of mata kali. Chund and mand laugh and say yes see mahabali ruru, he easily tied the hands of this woman. Mahishpindurak thinks, chund and mand are celebrating so easily, they don’t know who we are dealing with.
There ganesh opens his eyes and tells everyone, ruru has tied mata kali’s hands. Kartikeya gets very angry and says how dare he do that? how did he even touch mata? Indra dev says mata kali will destroy ruru and the demons. Ganesh thinks right now, brothers anger is at his peak, I have to calm him down.
There mata kali uses her powers and she holds the electric paash and ties ruru in his own spell. Ruru says how is this possible? She tied me in her own spell. Mata kali then starts lifting and bashing ruru on the ground. Ruru says leave me, please release me. chund and mand are shocked. Mata kali then throws ruru in the air and leaves him, ruru falls on demon soldier killing them. Mata kali says is that all you have got? Ruru gets up and says I haven’t been defeated, I am ready to fight.

Precap: chund and mand fight mata kali. Mata kali summons a new avatar to kill all demon soldiers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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