Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh assembles all gods at kailash.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with laxmi saying tahastu to andhkasura. Ganesh says to Vishnu, mama call mami back once, she will come back if you call her. Lord Vishnu then hears laxmi giving the blessing to andhkasura. Lord Vishnu is shocked and says what have you done devi? You gave him the wish he asked for. Ganesh says what happened mama shree hari? Lord Vishnu tells ganesh, devi laxmi has given the wish to stay with andhkasura in his palace.
There andhkasura welcomes laxmi and says mata, come inside the palace mata. Mata laxmi steps in and the entire palace starts glowing with gold. There vaikunth dham and heaven loses its brightness and tej, the gold turns black as devi laxmi’s sight over the world goes away. Lord Vishnu is shocked and says devi laxmi’s tej has gone from heaven and vaikunth.

In heaven, indra dev and all gods are shocked, kuber sees the gold as it loses its shine and everything turns dark, all trees and medicines start turning dark and lose their shine. There parvati who is praying says no! devi laxmi has gone too, the danger from demons has increased.
In Kailash, mahadev gets up as he senses the danger. Indra dev and all gods come to Kailash and say mahadev help us! Dev vishwakarma ji comes. Everyone do pranam. Mahadev says what happened vishwakarma ji? Vishwakarma says mahadev, a very huge problem has arisen, the amrit! It has started to get dry! Mahadev and all gods are shocked. Indra dev says this is a very huge problem. What do we do now? Lord Vishnu has lost shree laxmi.
There andhkasura welcomes devi laxmi, as she steps in everything shines and gets its tej. Andhkasura says mata come in. as laxmi walks inside towards her room, the women spray flowers on her. Laxmi enters her room as andhkasura guides her. Laxmi sees her room and goes and takes her seat. Andhkasura says yes mata, you are here. Laxmi says andhkasura you cheated and with your wish you got me here, you used iniquity. Andhkasura says mata, I am a demon, that is my character. Laxmi says but remember if I find anything impure in patal lok, I will leave that very moment. Laxmi closes her eyes. Andhkasura goes outside and laughs, he says even Vishnu has become shree heen. Now the demons have become even more stronger with the presence of mata laxmi here, we will not leave the gods. Andhkasura tends to laxmi.
There all rishi’s come to Kailash and brahma dev and Vishnu deva appear too. Everyone is worried. Indra dev says our tej has gone since devi laxmi and mata parvati have gone. Indra dev says prabhu, the demons havr arisen with andhkasura, andhkasura cheated and got devi laxmi to stay in his palace. Ganesh appears and blows the shell. All gods do pranam to ganesh. Ganesh says indra dev don’t be worried, now the only solution to this is to fight all out against the demons, it will be a battle of gods and demons. Indra dev says then we should start preparing. Indra dev is going when ganesh says stop indra dev! we need patience. Indra dev says but ganesh ji you said just now that we have to prepare. Ganesh says yes but not just the gods, we have to be prepared totally against the demons. Ganesh says everyone, yaksh, gandharva, rishi’s, nag’s and all gan will fight against the demons. Ganesh says gandharva raj I ask you to help us in this battle, ganesh blows the shell. Gandharva raj appears and says I am gandharva raj chitrasen, I and my entire gandharva army will help you ganesh ji! Ganesh says yaksh raj, I ask you for your help, he blows the shell. Yaksh raj appears and says I am yaksh raj and I with my army will follow you ganesh ji! ganesh calls for nagraj kashyap and blows the shell, nagraj kashyap comes and says I will follow you ganesh ji with all nags. All rishi’s and all armies come. Indra dev says we all gods will follow you ganesh ji. Nandi says me and all gan will follow you ganesh ji. Ganesh says one thing is left, ganesh says I call for my brother, the commander of the gods army, kartikeya! Ganesh blows the shell. Kartikeya comes on his mayur peacock and says I the commander of dev sena will follow you brother ganesh. Kartikeya says har har mahadev, everyone say har har mahadev. Ganesh says now we shall go with all our might.
There andhkasura is with rishi shokracharya and he says we all demons are ready for them, these gods cannot defeat us this time. A demon comes and says prabhu, the gods have come. Everyone go out and ganesh appears, he blows the shell. Andhkasura says only one child will fight us? Suddenly all gods, tridev, yaksha, nag’s, gan, gandharva and all armies appear.

Precap: all gods fight the demon in a huge battle. Ganesh appears to help the gods and defeat demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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