Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan eats fruits while meditating.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati telling gajanan that he has to meditate now and work hard, she says go and bath and come back. Gajanan says mother I am feeling tired now. Parvati says son to attain your power and recognize the god in you, you have to work hard and if you feel sleepy or want food then bath again and start the pooja again. Gajanan says yes mother and starts doing. Parvati sees from the palace balcony. She sees gajanan doing the meditation. Gajanan meditates but feels sleepy and then baths again and comes back. Gajanan again meditates. Lord Shankar comes and says uma what are you doing? Parvati looks at gajanan and says son is meditating to attain his actual power, lord Shankar says gajanan is a child and you have told him to do the meditation that you did to impress me. Parvati

says mahadev, I married you after I did harsh meditation, it was for years that I meditated but still you did not open your eyes from your meditation so the gods sent kama dev to instill love in you for me but you killed him from your 3rd eye. In flashback, when parvati is praying lord Shankar just passes her but doesn’t stop. Narad muni appears and says devi parvati you have to pray and meditate to impress mahadev with this pooja, parvati does as said by narad muni and meditates for years to impress mahadev. Mahadev appears and says parvati you have impressed me, ask what you want. Parvati smiles and says I want you mahadev as my swami. Lord Shankar smiles and says as you wish parvati, now go home and at the right time I will come to your parents to ask you in marriage.
lord Shankar says like you parvati, gajanan may also accomplish his goal by meditation. Parvati says I can see the pooja fire. Lord Shankar smiles and says I can see gajanan doing his own meditation, he is para brahma maha ganpati and he will know it one day. Parvati is confused and thinks why did swami say gajanan is doing his own meditation? There gajanan is looking at fruits and laddoos and he eats the fruits. Parvati comes and sees gajanan sitting. Gajanan gets up. Parvati sees the fruits and says son what happened? Gajanan says mother I was really hungry and couldn’t control so I ate some fruits, now can I eat food and then continue again. Parvati smiles and says son you have to work hard and meditate, gajanan says yes brother told me that I have to recognize my power and for that with the power of om namah shivay I have to meditate. Parvati says yes son, you have 2 ways, one to either stay in kailsh forever and eat ladoos without knowing your true identity and 2nd you meditate harshly and then accomplish and recognize yourself, gajanan says mother now I will sit and meditate and do harsh taph. Parvati smiles and goes and gajanan sits and meditates.
There sindhika says that rishi shokracharya is the guru of demons. He was taught by sage angisar who also taught his own son brishapasit with shokracharya. It was the time of the result to take the best student and angisar being brishapati’s father chose him and rishi shokracharya was angry, he then left his ashram and went and sat to pray for mahadev and prayed to mahadev for many years under harsh conditions, mahadev finally appeared and gave him the wish of having the knowledge of sanjeevani gyan. After attaining this knowledge, rishi shokracharya had become more respected and he then started becoming the guru of demons, he with his knowledge and power gave life to the demons who had died and under his guidance the demons won many wars. Sindhika says samrat sindhura we should go to rishu shokracharya. Sindhura says yes we will go right there.
Indra dev and all gods are in the court and indra dev says that elephant head kid of devi paravti is doing harsh meditation and if he attains what he wants and becomes powerful, it will be an insult to us. Indra dev says and even my throne may come in danger so we all have to stay alert and see what he does at all times.
Sindhura and sindhika go to rishi shokracharya who is meditating. Sindhika says he is rishi shokracharya. Sindhura says this old fool? He will help us? Sindhika says he is not an old fool but very knowledgeable and he will guide us. Sindhura says get up old man and help us. Sindhura thinks why isn’t he helping me? I am asur samrat and if he doesn’t help me my powers can kill him easily. Rishi enters sindhura’s mind and says I don’t serve anyone and I will not help you. Sindhura thinks sindhika did not hear, did he enter my mind? Rishi opens his eyes and says you think right, he gets up and takes his hammer and becomes angry with red eyes, he says I am not the guru of demons just like that sindhura, you have an ego over your power and I will not help you, I curse you, when you will need your power the most you wont have any. Sindhura is shocked.

Precap: rishi shokracharya tells sindhura that if gajanan’s meditation is successful then he cannot be defeated so he has to first go and take over the gods. Sindhura sits on indra dev’s throne as all gods look down in front of sindhura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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