Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chund and mund confront parvati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shumbh saying no you are lying, I don’t believe what you said sugreeva. Shumbh gets angry and walks towards sugreeva. Sugreeva gets scared. Raktbeej thinks shumbh knows devi kaushaki has killed dhumralochan but he still doesn’t want to accept this, if maharaj shumbh doesn’t get back then he is going to die for sure. Shumbh picks sugreeva by his neck and says do you think I am a fool? And you can play your tricks with me? that cheap woman can never kill dhumralochan as he was very powerful and she is just a woman who can do nothing. Sugreeva says choking, I am saying the truth maharaj that devi kaushaki is very powerful, only with her roar she reduced dhumralochan to ashes, she is very strong and has sent a message for you. Shumbh puts sugreeva down. sugreeva says she

has told us to tell you that she will marry you only if you can defeat her in battle, she has challenged you. Shumbh gets angry and goes to his throne and says that cheap woman, she thinks she can defeat me? she cannot! I will teach her a lesson, I will show my powers to her, I will drag her here to my palace and force her to marry me. shumbh says my demons, start preparing our army.
Raktbeej thinks everyone has turned stupid, no one is listening, they want to die! They are insulting the mother of this universe.
Chund and mand say asur maharaj shumbh, instead of taking our army there, I think we both should go and confront that devi with our army. Chund says yes, mand means we both are powerful and we will show that devi our powers, we will go and drag her here and make her beg before you, that would be better if we went with the army. Shumbh laughs and is happy, he gets excited and imagines the devi coming begging in front of him to spare her life. shumbh says I am eager to watch that scene, you both go and bring that devi to me, she shall beg for her life before me.
Chund and mund say yes. Shumbh says but I will send my 2 demons for help as well, the powerful demons mahishpondurak and yuru!
Ganesh there opens his eyes and says chund and mund are going to go and confront mata. Kartikeya says why are you worried ganesh? Ganesh says brother we know the powers chund and mand but shumbh is sending mahishpindurak and yuru with chund and mand. Indra dev says that’s nice, this means she will kill them. Kartikeya says yes.
There yuru a huge demon made of an entire mountain gets up from ground and comes to swarg and mahishpondurak a bull demon comes too. shumbh says they both will come with you for help. Chund and mund say good, now that devi has to come with us. Yuru and mahishpondurak do pranam to maharaj shumbh and yuru says yes, whatever work it is, we will do it. Shumbh says you have to bring a very egoistic devi who knows nothing about my powers. Yuru says I have a good plan about that. raktbeej thinks these demons are planning and even chund and mand are so foolishly planning about this when they are not even going to win. Mahishpondurak thinks which devi are they talking about taking captive? I hope its not mata parvati. Yuru says I and mahishpondurak will first attack the devi, then you chund and mand can back us up and capture the devi as we distract her, you both tie her with your spells. Chund and mand say that is a good plan.
There kartikeya says have they become fools? Even after raktbeej tried to convince them they are not listening but want to fight mother, they will die.
There chund, mund and yuru and mahishpondurak go with the army to devi parvati. They stand in front of her devi kaushaki form and chund and mund are amazed to see this beauty as they keep looking at her. Kaushaki says have you come here to see me or say something? Chund and mand say devi, you first of all are very egoistic, 2nd we have come to take you to maharaj shumbh. parvati says didn’t you get my message? I wont say it again! You will be punished if you don’t want to do as I say. Chund says yuru attack her. Yuru says you all were against this devi? Chund and mand says so? What happened? Yuru says she is the mother of the universe, devi parvati! Mahishpondurak says yes, she is devi parvati in her mata kaushaki form, why didn’t you tell us you were asking us to fight against her? Chund and mand say that doesn’t matter, maharaj shumbh has told you to fight her. Yuru says no, forgive us but we cannot fight against mata parvati, but you both go ahead, you are commanders and should do your duty, fight her even though you both are anyway going to die if she attacks you. Mahishpondurak says yes, we will not take part in this battle. Chund and mund say have they come to demotivate us? Chund says we will only fight her, we don’t need anyone’s support.

Precap: parvati fights chund and mand and roars, chund and mund fall down with their soldier army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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