Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan fights a demoin eagle.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a demon coming on the mountain and looks at gajanan. Gajanan says he is a demon, problems come in different forms and that is why I couldn’t recognize that beautiful butterfly as it fooled me. The demon comes down from the mountain and yawns and stretches his body. The sound of an eagle is heard, gajanan sees in sky. Demon says don’t see here and there, it is no use now you will die. The eagle comes towards gajanan and gajanan thinks he is also a demon, both of them will attack me. Gajanan thinks this eagle is almost about to stoop over me. Eagle thinks it will be fun to eat this child. Gajanan thinks trunk we have to do something, gajanan blows air from his trunk and throws away the eagle down. the eagle falls down. demon thinks this kid is no ordinary kid. Gajanan

says you only said it will be fun to fight. The eagle gets up again and starts attacking gajanan. Gajanan protects himself and starts stepping back. The demon creates a huge hole in the ground behind gajanan. As gajanan steps back to protect himself, he falls inside the hole. Gajanan tries coming out and says how do I come out? Demon says see kid, you fell inside right? Now who will remove you out? Demon goes to bring a huge rock. Gajanan says I have to get outside. The demon brings the huge rock pushing and gajanan says he is going to close this hole, i have to get out. As the demon pushes the rock, a peacock’s voice is heard, demon says eagle did you hear anything? Eagle says no. as the demon pushes the rock, kartikeya comes on his peacock. Demon and eagle see kartikeya.
Kartikeya gets down his peacock and says you demons I will not let you harm my brother. Kartikeya’s peacock removes gajanan out of the hole and brings him to kartikeya. Kartikeya attacks eagle and demon and both fall down. kartikeya says are you fine gajanan? Gajanan says when you are here brother, what will happen to me? The demon and eagle get up and say you wont be safe anymore. Gajanan says I will fight this eagle. Kartikeya runs towards the demon. Gajanan with his trunk blows air and throws the eagle away from a mountain. Eagle falls down. gajanan says my trunk is so powerful that it threw this eagle away! Kartikeya with his spear attack demon and he falls down. demon gets up again and becomes huge and says now I will kill you. The eagle comes back and gajanan says I will fight him again.
There parvati says where is gajanan? Jaya says I found him everywhere but he is nowhere. Parvati says vijaya you were there to keep an eye on gajanan, how did he go then? Vijaya says he heard us talking about kartikeya going and then he ran behind kartikeya. Parvati says what? He will get in danger, I have to tell swami.
There kartikeya runs towards the demon as demon runs towards kartikeya. Gajanan runs behind eagle and reaches a lake, a crocodile comes out and says I will eat you kid. The eagle takes gajanan high in the air and then leaves him. gajanan sees down and says the crocodile has kept his mouth open, I will fall straight into his mouth. There kartikeya jumps over the huge body of the demon and comes in the air, demon says what are you doing? Kartikeya removes his bow and removes 4 divya arrows and says now its time for your end, kartikeya attacks him and the demon falls down and dies. There gajanan is falling down and kartikeya sees him and ruins towards him to save gajanan. Gajanan lands on the huge crocodile and it dies in a second from the impact. Kartikeya comes and says gajanan is safe, he has so much power that he killed the crocodile just by landing, kartikeya helps gajanan come up and says brother you are powerful so recognize your power. Gajanan says how? Kartikeya says gajanan you have to meditate like mother told and focus.
Parvati and lord Shankar come. Parvati says gajanan! She comes and says are you fine? Gajanan says yes mother. Kartikeya says mother I came here to save gajanan but I have to go now, I have to reach the west in time. Lord Shankar smiles looking at the dead crocodile.
There sindhika is waiting for the demon and she sees eagle coming, it comes in speed towards sindhika and she says will he attack me? She starts running towards sindhura and says samrat save me. She reaches sindhura and the eagle falls down. sindhura gets up and sees eagle, eagle says asur samrat, I have bad news the demon has died and lord shankar’s both kids did this to me, eagle now disappears. Sindhika says now only 1 person can do this work, it is the guru of demons shokracharya.

Precap: sindhura and sindhika go to shokracharya and sindhura says this old man will help us? Gajanan meditates standing on one leg. Indra dev says we gods have to stay alert as gajanan may get successful in his meditation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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