Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati kills dhumralochan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dhumralochan saying woman, don’t think you are too smart, you will come with me to swarg lok as king shumbh has told me to. Parvati says I think you don’t understand what I said, I wont attack you or punish you, go and give my message to shumbh.
There raktbeej is talking with everyone in court and tell king shumbh. Raktbeej says this woman is none other than mata parvati, she is the divya form and the greatest goddess to be, she is very powerful and is the mother of the universe! Raktbeej says she has killed many demons and is very powerful, she has many avatars and cannot be defeated, I know it. Raktbeej says going against devi parvati is stupid, because no evil can stand a chance against her, she is known to punish evil and nothing stops her power. Devi parvati

is the wife of the universe’s father, mahadev! They both are invincible. Devi parvati was the one who killed great mhaishasura!
Shumbh is getting angry. Nishumbh says shut up raktbeej, don’t fool us now, we will take that woman whoever she is captive. Are you supporting her or us?
Raktbeej says she is devi parvati and I got my powers because of mahadev who is her husband, I recommend not going against her as it would be insulting mahadev as well whose disciple I am. I know how powerful devi parvati is, she killed mhaishasura and I say this because I was there. mhaishasura had become very egoistic of his power and though he could conquer the universe and take the gods under him, that moment I left mhaishasura and his army as it was a lost cause going against devi parvati, mhaishasura went close to his death himself and he was killed, I am alive only because I knew mhaishasura was egoistic. Raktbeej says I cannot go against devi parvati, she cannot be defeated by anyone.
There dhumralochan says cheap woman, I will show you my powers. Dhumralochan takes all rocks in mid-air and then turns them into demons. parvati gets angry, the demon soldiers surround parvati and aim their spears at her. Parvati gets angry and she starts screaming. Parvati’s scream sends dangerous waves that reach every corner of the universe, the earth shakes and ganesh and all gods at the graveyard feel the power. In swarg lok, the voice reaches and it tremors as well. Shumbh and all demons hold onto their seats. Shumbh says what was that? Raktbeej says I told you, this was the screaming of devi parvati, only her screams can bring so much destruction, what do you think would happen if she decided to punish all demons and you king shumbh?
There the soldiers start getting burned and turn to ash from the screams of parvati, all soldiers die. Sugreeva hides behind dhumralochan. Dhumralochan after the screams are over says good we are still alive. Parvati then says dhumralochan, don’t test me, you are just a messenger and I don’t want to kill any messenger, just take my message back to your egoistic king shumbh, if I wanted then I could have killed you both but I did not as you both are messengers and have not come for war. Dhumralochan nods his head and thinks maybe she is right, he turns his back to go and sugreeva thinks good we are going back otherwise we were dead here.
Ganesh says how is dhumralochan going away so easily? He is a very stubborn demon.
There suddenly gold light reflects on dhumralochan’s eyes and he sees gold in the cave and thinks, I cannot go back without taking this woman and goddesses back to swarg lok. Dhumralochan turns back and says no woman, you cheap woman, I will take you with me. Dhumralochan now removes his weapon and lifts rocks in mid-air, parvati gets angry and she stops the rocks with her powers and then attacks dhumralochan and cuts both his hands and says I will punish you the way you have not imagined. Dhumralochan says woman, even if you cut my hands I can still use my powers.
There raktbeej says maharaj shumbh, I am one of your commanders and it is my duty to tell you of any danger, I suggest we do not attack anywhere and stay here, we don’t need devi parvati otherwise destruction will soon be here. Shumbh says enough, that was mhaishasura who was weak but I am shumbh, I will drag that woman here.
There dhumralochan removes an axe and throws at parvati, parvati throws back the axe which hits dhumralochan.
In swarg lok, dhumralochans body comes falling down in court, and it turns to ash. Shumbh is shocked and says who did this? Who killed my commander? Sugreeva comes running scared and says maharaj, maharaj, that devi parvati who has taken devi kaushali form killed dhumralochan easily, she is very powerful unlike anyone else I have seen before. Raktbeej thinks shumbh knew who had killed dhumralochan but he is not ready to accept that, this is going to get him and everyone with him killed.

Precap: goddesses and the demons go to battle against each other. Ganesh takes vinayki avatar to remind the demons the power of a woman.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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