Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Andhkasura becomes king of patal lok.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shokracharya saying andhkasura you have your powers, with it you will be the king of all demons, but I have some power that I brought with me. Shokracharya goes near the well and looks inside at the dead demons. Shokracharya prays and with the knowledge of mrit sajneevani, he brings back the dead demons. The demons wake up and dance and get happy, they see shokracharya and say asur guru shokracharya brought us back to life, we are grateful to you. Andhkasura says that is unbelievable. Rishi says like you, I got this as a wish from mahadev, with an army of demons which can be brought back to life, you can conquer all of trilok and become the demon king. Andhkasura laughs and says I will leave no one.
There ganesh is going with parvati, they cross a bridge made of

rocks and reach a place. Parvati and ganesh reach a forest that has been burned and all trees dried, parvati walks on the fiery ground. Ganesh says stop mother please. As ganesh feels worried, para brahma ganpati appears and says ganesh what happened? Ganesh says prabhu I am your form, so you must be knowing what I feel, at one place there is father who is alone without mother, here mother is walking on fire and is not yet coming to kailash. Ganpati says ganesh don’t worry, mata parvati has a plan, everything will be right and will happen as destined. Ganesh says okay. As parvati walks the entire surrounding turns into a beautiful forest with trees and grass. Ganesh goes ahead and says mother what will you do? Please come back to kailash, father is alone without you. Parvati says ganesh, now your father will come to take me himself. Ganesh goes with parvati, parvati has water in a small golden pot. Parvati says first we need to make the shiv ling with this water. Ganesh and parvati together arrange some mud and make a platform. Parvati then makes a shiv ling with more mud on top of the platform using the water.
There shokracharya says anhdkasura, before you go all out war against the gods, you have to be the king of patal lok. The king of patal lok now is raja bali, that fool is the disciple of Vishnu and being a demon he follows dharma, we cannot have him as the king of patal. After this, we have to strike against the gods quickly as shiv and parvati are separated, if they come together then we will lose.
In patal lok, raja bali sits with a crown on his head, other demons look at raja bali. A demon says to another, now raja bali will say Vishnu prayer, but we are demons we are forced, if only we could have someone else as our king, other demon says yes but we cannot do anything, we have to do what he does. Raja bali says om bhagvatey vasudevay namah and says Vishnu prayer, then he smiles and sits and then other demons sit. Rishi shokracharya comes and raja bali gets up and says pranam rishi, you are welcome here. Rishi says bali, you are the king of patal lok but you cannot be the king, you follow lord Vishnu who is a god. Raja bali says rishi I have followed dharma even though I am a demon, that is why there is peace in these kingdoms. Raja bali peacefully says, I have been put as the king of demons. Rishi says but bali, andhkasura deserves to be the king of patal lok, let him have the throne. Raja bali says but rishi, everything under me is in control, if someone else becomes the king there will be havoc between demons and it would be better if we don’t have a war between demons and gods. Rishi says I am guru shokracharya, the guru of demons and if you respect me then you will give your crown to andhkasura. Raja bali says okay rishi, as you wish, I will do, raja bali gives the crown to andhkasura and goes. Andhkasura becomes the new king of demons, all demons rejoice and say we will do what you want asur samrat andhkasura! Andhkasura laughs and says now we will fight against gods, we will defeat them and take control of trilok, then no one will be able to defeat us.
There parvati makes the shiv ling and puts the 3 white tika on its head. Parvati then prays to shiv ling and says swami, I am here and want to come back to kailash, but you will yourself come here and marry me again and take me back to kailash, this is my wish.

Precap: the war between gods and demons start. All gods and goddesses fight demons. Laxmi says to Vishnu, I am capable of fighting this battle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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