Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati tells the story of devi sati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lambasura entering the palace. Then he says I am the king, the god and ruler of the universe. Lambasura goes to the tree where mahadev meditates, he sits on the stone and says now I am the god.
There mahadev and parvati get married. Mahadev and parvati get up and ganesh says mother Kailash is waiting for you, we all missed you a lot. Parvati says first we will take my parents blessings, in my last devi form my parents did not approve the marriage of me and your father. Parvati tells the story of when she was in the form of devi sati and born to prajapati daksh. In flashback, devi sati is born to prajapti daksh. As devi sati gets married to mahadev whom prajapt daksh opposes, he declares he wont ever keep a relation with her and mahadev as a son in law.

day devi sati is in Kailash and plucking flowers, she suddenly see all gods going from their chariots to some place. Sati looks up and sees devi chandni, she waves high but devi chandni ignores. Sati says why did devi chandni do as if she didn’t see me? All gods, yaksh, gandharva are going somewhere. Nandi comes and sati says nandi where are all of them going? It seems there is some huge function kept by someone. Nandi stammers as he says mata yes there is a function. Sati is excited and says where? Nandi stammers and says mata your father, prajapati daksh has kept his yagya and he invited everyone. Sati says what? And she gets excited and says so mahadev must have got an invitation, she runs to mahadev.
Mahadev is meditating. Sati says swami, my father prajapati dakhs kept a yagya, everyone has gone there, we should go too. Mahadev says but uma, we cannot do that, we have not been invited. Sati says yes but he is my father, he wont mind us going there. Mahadev says it is not respectable uma to go somewhere we are not invited, it only incites hatred, conflict and insult. Parvati says don’t think like that swami, my father will understand, please lets go, I want to go and meet my parents. Mahadev says uma I wont come there, going to a place where we are not invited is wrong. Mahadev says if you want to go, you go but I wont come. Mahadev says but uma remember whatever happens there, stay calm. Sati is confused and she goes.
There as the yagya is going to start, sati comes and everyone become silent. Sati’s mother comes and she says mother and hugs her. Mother ignores sati and stops. Sati thinks why is everyone not talking to me? Why are they ignoring me? Prajapati daksh comes and sati says father I came! Prajapati daksh is angry and he says why have you come?

Precap: prajapati daksh insults mahadev. Sati is hurt by the words and she commits suicide by burning herself alive. Mahadev is angry and his anger has no bounds, he creates the form of veer bhadra and says veer bhadra kill whoever was responsible for this. Veer bhadra goes to kill prajapati daksh who is scared to see veer bhadra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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