Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shumbh orders his armies to prepare to conquer the universe

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya going away from there. They run and hideaway from the battlefield and the throne. Ganesh says brother guru shokracharya must have sensed us around there because he was turning back. Kartikeya says yes, we left that place in time otherwise we would have been caught. Shumbh stands and guru shokracharya says shumbh is the true demon king because he wont kill his own kin but rather protect them and fight for them. All demon soldiers cheer and shokracharya closes his eyes, he says some mantras and makes shumbh the new demon king. Shumbh sits on the throne and shokracharya puts the crown on shumbh’s head. All demons say loudly asur samrat shumbh ki jai! Asur samrat shumbh ki jai! Dhumralochan, raktbeej, chund and mund look at each other and they smile, they

also then start cheering for shumbh and say asur samrat shumbh ki jai! Shumh smiles.

Shumbh then gets up and says now that I am the new king of demons, I will make sure that we demons get what we want and what we deserve, we will rule the entire world and universe, the gods live in luxury and get everything, what have they done? We have to scavenge our food and kill our own people to curb our hunger, but from now we will also get what the humans and gods got, we will get our own food and flesh and we will rule this universe. Shumbh says dhumralochan, chund and mund and raktbeej, you are all my brothers! I have seen your capabilities on the battlefield! I trust in you all that you can lead each a battalion, I make you all the commanders of my demon armies. We will prepare for the attack and conquer the entire universe! We shall start from now, start preparing for battle against the gods and their soldiers. All demons say yeah! And they cheer. Dhumralochan and everyone say yes, we will prepare right from now.

There ganesh says brother, shumbh has become the new demon king and has also ordered his armies to march ahead and conquer whatever comes in their way, we have to stop this brother. Kartikeya says yes ganesh, we should get back to Kailash now, mother gave us this sign and she will help us for sure, she will appear again ganesh, you have the power to call any of her forms and she will tell us what we have to do after this, till then we should go and alert the gods about the coming danger.

Ganesh and kartikeya go to all the gods and indra dev says what happened ganesh ji? Ganesh says devraj, shumbh has become the new demon king and they all are being guided by rishi shokracharya, they have decided to rule the universe and are marching ahead with their huge demon armies. Kartikeya says yes we have to prepare from now because we have seen what powers those demons have, mata will give ganesh a sign till then we have to continue to stop the demons from destroying peace. Indra dev says yes kumar kartikeya, all gods start protecting the different realms until the demons come. suryadev says we have to prepare our army first. ganesh says yes because the demon army is very huge, we have seen them, with guru shokracharya by their side, they must have found a way to defeat the gods.

ganesh and kartikeya go to kailash to seek the solution to the problem.

Precap: ganesh takes his vinayak avatar to defeat the demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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