Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev and parvati get married.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev going to get ready. He goes in his room as everyone wait at the mandap. Mahadev comes and everyone keep looking at mahadev. Mahadev comes in his divya manoram form. Ganesh says I have seen father’s this form for the first time and he looks so mesmerizing. Parvati is brought by the goddesses and parvati looks at mahadev as he looks at parvati. Parvati thinks mahadev, I love this form of yours. Both mahadev and parvati sit for the marriage, the rishi says before the marriage starts the pooja of pratham pujya ganesh should be done. Mahadev and parvati take the pooja plate and do ganesh’s pooaj and wash his feet. Para brahma ganpati appears and all gods and everyone do pranam to ganpati. Ganpati says mahadev and devi parvati, my blessings are with you. Ganpati

goes. The marriage starts, all the rishi’s start saying the prayers and mantras for the marriage. As the mantras are said, mahadev and parvati put the garlands in each other’s neck. They both sit and parvati says swami I am happy to see you in your divya manoram form. Mahadev says to see you happy, parvati I will take this form always for you.
All rishi’s say now the seven rounds shall start. Rishi katyaan comes and he ties the knot and says mahaev, what is your gotra, kul, shakha? Mahadev’s third eye gets fiery. Everyone is shocked. Kartikeya says rishi what question did you ask? Father will get angry and somehow it was hard to convince him to marry mother, this time it wont be easy to calm down his anger. Mahadev says its okay son, rishi katyaan is parvati’s father and it is his right to ask me questions. Mahadev says ganesh tell rishi the answer to his question. Ganesh says rishi, mahadev the one who is the beginning and the end, everything lives in him and because of him, everything is infinite, indestructible and unending because of him, everything in the universe is because of him and the universe itself is him! such a person will have never ending gotra and kul and in that same way that is why he wont have any gotra and kul. Ganesh says but still if you want to know then mahadev’s kul is Nag and Shagun is his gotra.
Rishi says i am thankful mahadev, I didn’t mean to anger you but I got to know about you from mangalmurti ganesh! Mahadev and parvati then do the pooja around the fire and then get up for the 7 rounds. They start doing rounds as the surrounding seems like the universe. After the rounds, both sit down and feed each other sweets. Parvati says finally I am with you again mahadev. Mahadev says yes uma, you were always with me.
At kailashm totla gadsar and his gan are decorating the entrance using flowers. Gadsar scolds them and gan say you only do it, don’t scold us. The gan say we are going, we will see for mata’s welcome. As gadsar waits at the door, suddenly all gan are throw at gadsar. Gadsar says what happened? Dambasura comes with his sons and his army. Gadsar and his gan are hen beaten by soldiers of dambasura’s army. Damobasura says kailash is mine now, I will ill everyone, even your mahadev and dambasura will rule this universe.
There ganesh says to parvati that mother, kailash is waiting for you.

Precap: mahadeb builds a temple and says from today this temple will be built here in memory of me and parvati’s marriage. Dambasura goes to maahdev’s tree and says from today kailash is mine and I am the god everywhere.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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