Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan gives kartikeya food.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati coming in the room and she looks at gajanan who is sleeping and smiles. She says gajanan! She sits beside him and says wake up son. Gajanan opens his eyes and says mother it is morning? Parvati says yes son. Gajanan says my anna prashan has been done, so I can eat anything. Parvati says no son, those who meditate a lot don’t waste time in eating, playing or sleeping, you have to meditate harshly and work very hard from today itself. gajanan says okay.
Parvati takes gajanan to the end of Kailash and says his meditation place will be at the other land mass on the other side. As parvati walks, new ground forms under her feet to join Kailash and the other land mass. Parvati walks with gajanan and jaya and vijaya behind. They come to the arrangements done

for gajanan. Gajanan comes and says mother why is my meditation place so far? Parvati says so that your concentration is not disturbed and you can focus. Gajanan sits and says mother why is this fire here? parvati sits and says son our body has 7 yantras, each yantra serves a purpose and we have to bring all yantras to the purpose they are made for by sheer meditation. Parvati explains son each yantra and says your focus should be on the fire in the between.
There kartikeya says devraj indra my brother gajanan is in danger here, he needs my protection here and I have to stay here, it is not that it isn’t my duty to go to the west to fight demons but my brother needs me. Indra dev says kumar kartikeya gajanan is in Kailash, here mahadev is there to protect him but we gods are in danger and really need protection, you are needed in the west. Parvati comes and says devraj! Indra dev does pranam and parvati remembers everything indra dev said against gajanan. Parvati comes and says indra dev I told you before too, kartikeya is my son and even his family needs him here, today my son and his brother gajanan has started doing harsh meditation and for that kartikeya is needed here to protect him. indra dev thinks gajanan has started doing meditation, if he succeeds then he will be very powerful and maybe even remove me from my throne, I will not let that happen. Lord Shankar says devi, gajanan is meditating to be self-capable so that he can protect everyone and himself and the world too. Mahadev says in the same way our elder son kartikeya got his powers after he landed on you devi, your Shakti is his Shakti, even he is self-capable and has to protect everyone. Mahadev syas son you have to decide what your responsibility is. Kartikeya says father is right mother, I know what he says and I have to go to the west. Parvati is sad. Kartikeya says don’t be sad mother, I will always be here when you need me. Parvati says remember indra dev my son is going to help you all gods, parvati goes.
There gajanan is concentrating and jaya comes near vijaya and says I will talk softly. Jaya says I just came from Kailash and kartikeya is going again as devraj indra came to call him. gajanan hears this and says what brother is going again? why? vijaya and jaya are worried and vijaya says gajanan it is good for you as now all the food will be made for you only and kartikeya wont be there to eat. Gajanan says food? He runs to the kitchen where maina is making food, gajanan then takes some food and ties it in a napkin and runs towards kartikeya. Kartikeya is outside the palace on his peacock and he remembers all the happy moments he had with gajanan, kartikeya is sad as he misses gajanan. Kartikeya then makes his decision and his flies with mayur. Gajanan comes from behind and runs behind kartikeya and starts saying stop brother! Stop! Brother wait! Gajanan runs and runs and reaches snow and kartikeya hears the voice of gajanan and looks down, he comes down and says gajanan what are you doing here? mother will be worried for you. gajanan is sad and says brother I brought this food made by mother for you, you love it right? Kartikeya smiles and is emotional, he says gajanan thank you. gajanan thinks I don’t like brother going, he had just come I will miss him. kartikeya now takes the food and keeps it on his peacock and smiles looking at gajanan, he sits and goes. Gajanan is sad. After kartikeya is gone, gajanan sees a beautiful butterfly and says wow it is so beautiful. The butterfly turns into a demon, gajanan is shocked.

Precap: the demon pushes gajanan into a hole he created in the ground, he is about to put a rock on that hole. Kartikeya comes on his peacock and says no one will touch my brother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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