Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhumralochan meets parvati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dhumralochan saying I have to find this beautiful devi first, but I shall go back and tell maharaj shumbh about this devi. Dhumralochan goes back to swarg lok and shumbh says what happened? Dhumralochan says I went to take the gods but in that cave I saw a very beautiful devi, all the goddesses were there inside and the devi was so beautiful that no one must be as beautiful as that devi was. Shumbh says I see, then go and give that devi an offer, tell her that if she marries me then I will leave everyone and stop troubling the gods and goddesses. Dhumralochan says okay and goes back with his demon servant sugreeva.
There goddesses are with parvati and parvati says everyone don’t worry, I will always protect you all, I am going to deal with this demon, you all stay

here and trust me, nothing can touch you as my sight will protect you. Parvati looks at them with her eyes and golden light comes out of her eyes which protects the goddesses, she then puts a rock closing the entrance of the cave and then goes out on her lion. Parvati sits on her lion.
There dhumralochan comes with his servant demon sugreeva. Dhumralochan sees mata parvati sitting on her lion and says she is so beautiful and divya. Sugreeva says who is she swami? She is so beautiful, I don’t think I have ever seen any woman so beautiful in the entire universe. Dhumralochan says yes. As they come near, suddenly parvati’s lion roars very loudly and the sound waves push dhumralochan and sugreeva behind, both get shocked.
Parvati says why have you come here? Dhumralochan says devi, I have never seen someone as beautiful as you, you look so beautiful and divya. Parvati says have you come here to tell me how beautiful I am? Dhumralochan says no devi, your beauty can be used somewhere, many beings want you, and you must be the god of beauty. Parvati says demon, you don’t know who I am.
Dhumralochan says devi I have brought an offer for you, maharaj shumbh has said that he wants to marry you, if you marry him then he will leave all gods and goddesses and not trouble anyone. Dhumralochan says there is only one person in this universe who is very powerful, strong and deserves you as his queen. Parvati laughs and says who do you think is that? dhumralochan says that is maharaj shumbh.
Parvati says oh yes, even I have heard a lot about your king shumbh and his brave acts. He is that shumbh who cheated with the gods in a game of gambling but was taught a lesson by ganesh and kartikeya, he lost everything back to indra dev that he had taken, he is shumbh right? He is that demon whose soldiers were killed by ganesh right? I can see he is that demon who wants goddesses, he is coward and disrespects a woman, that is shumbh right?
Dhumralochan says woman, mind your words, you are insulting maharaj shumbh. he wont leave you. Parvati says go back to your maharaj, give him a message, he can marry me only if he defeats me in battle, go! dhumralochan says he will crush you devi! We will come back.
Dhumralochan goes back with sugreeva.
Ganesh tells everyone, mother is clever, she lured all demons to come and fight her. This way each one of them is going to be punished.

Precap: the battle between goddesses and demons start. Ganesh takes vinayaki avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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