Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev’s baarat goes to parvati’s palace.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev being put haldi as there all women put haldi on parvati. In Kailash, all gan and everyone dance. Ganesh puts haldi on both mahadev and parvati.
There sundarpriya says father if mahadev is marrying then what is our profit in it? Lambasura says sons mahadev will go away from Kailash and no one will be there to protect Kailash, till now the tridev have defeated demons, but if mahadev is away from brahma dev and Vishnu dev, then we will defeat him and kill mahadev. Sundarpriya says but will rishi shokracharya allow us? Lambasura says guru shokracharya is a fool, he keeps meditating to mahadev and has led all demons the wrong way, we will attack Kailash and our rule will be on Kailash, so where should we go? All demons say Kailash. Lambasura says I will rule

Kailash and kill mahadev, no one will live in Kailash, the gods will come under me.
There ganesh looks in mirror and is getting ready. Mushak says prabhu you look very nice, look at me and tell me how do I look? Ganesh says you look very good mushak ji. Kartikeya comes and says ganesh! You are taking so much time to get ready? Ganesh says you came brother? Kartikeya says yes now its our parents marriage so why would I take time? Come on ganesh, ganesh says yes and they go out. Outside, all gods, yaksh, gandharva gan are dancing and playing instruments. All gods wait and ganesh says where is bua brahma dev? brahma dev says the women always take time to get ready. Everyone laugh. Saraswati comes and says see I am ready. Saraswati looks beautiful and ganesh says bua you look very beautiful. Ganesh says where is father now? Lord Vishnu says yes, or is he taking time to get ready too? Everyone laugh. Mahadev comes and says I am ready since when, lets go now. Everyone looks at mahadev. Ganesh says father you are wearing your same clothes? Mahadev says yes this is the way I am ready. Ganesh says but father? You are getting married, you should wear something else. Mahadev says when I married your mother the first time, I wore this only. Lord Vishnu says ganesh, parvati’s mother did not allow mahadev to get married to parvati, mahadev had to come in his divya form to marry parvati. Ganesh and kartikeya say father come in your divya form, let us see too. Mahadev says no ganesh I will come in this only, lets go as that may take more time. Mahadev steps ahead. Kartikeya says to ganesh, it is not easy to convince father. Devi anusuya comes with her husband rishi and says mahadev I hope you didn’t forget, this is the gold and the bride dress that is to be given to the bride from her husband side. Devi gives it to mahadev. Saraswati then puts a garland in mahadev’s neck and nandi turns into bull and saraswati puts garland in nandi’s neck. Mahadev sits on nandi and the baarat starts going ahead as everyone dance and play dumroo, dhols! Everyone go.
There lambasura and his son’s put their blood on their forehead and ready their army. Lambasura sits on his chariot and all army goes behind lambasura towards Kailash. Mahadev’s baarat head on earth towards parvati’s palace. As they go ahead, lambasura sees the baarat go and says I have to be cautious so that no one sees us, he tells his army to hide with him behind now, all demons go and hide.
Parvati waits with everyone in her palace, they hear mahadev’s baarat coming and see from balcony. Mahadev comes with everyone. Laxmi says see devi parvati, mahadev has come with the baarat.

Precap: ganesh tells mahadev, mother has called him to tell her a wish. Parvati tells mahadev to come in his divya Manohar form to marry her. Mahadev goes. Parvati thinks did mahadev get angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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