Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev convinces kaam dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev saying kaam dev please help us gods, you have to go and create love and attraction in mahadev’s mind for mata parvati. If this doesn’t happen son then tarkasura will end this world and us gods with it. kaam dev says indra dev I understand what you want to say, but if someone else was doing this, I would have done something but trying to manipulate the feelings of mahadev is impossible! And if mahadev’s anger rises then nothing can come in between his anger and me. devi rati says yes devraj indra, I am worried for my swami and it is mahadev you are talking about.
Indra dev says devi rati, what do you have to worry about? You are the goddess of love and kaam dev the god of love, beauty! Devi rati thinks it is good swami said no to indra dev, I am also

happy that devraj hasn’t forced much. Indra dev then says kaam dev, today I did not come to you as the king of gods, I came as your friend and if you do this, you will save the lives of all of us gods, we are all friends and this is only a test of friendship kaam dev. Only your power can do something that we can, if you make mahadev get attracted towards mata parvati sooner, the world will be saved and we too.
Kaam dev thinks and devi rati says no swami, please. Indra dev says kaam dev say yes please, please help us. kaam dev thinks and then he says okay devraj, I shall help you, you are my friend and I will help you but this is a great risk I am taking on my life as well. Devi rati says no and has tears, kaam dev before going hugs devi rati and devi rati says swami, please don’t leave me. kaam dev goes with indra dev. Devi rati stops kaam dev and says wait swami, you forgot to put sindoor on my head. Kaam dev comes and smiles, he puts sindoor on devi rati’s head and she hugs him and takes his blessings. Kaam dev goes.
There atyasura is in very weak and injured, 2 soldiers pick him and take him in front of tarkasura and throw him down. Atyasura says maharaj taraksura. Tarkasura says he is some beggar, throw him out. The soldiers drag him and atyasura says no maharaj, wait! Wait maharaj, wait. It is me atyasura! Tarkasura says stop and remembers atyasura, he says how? Atyasura is dead. Atyasura says yes maharaj I was dead, but I came back alive. Tarkasura says who gave you life back? atyasura says I got life after adishakti’s form devi shailputri touched me unknowingly. Tarkasura is shocked. atyasura says yes maharaj, devi shailputri has grown up and her name is parvati, she is now 16 years old. Tarkasura says no, how is that possible? Atyasura says maharaj, she will soon marry mahadev and will come for you. atyasura falls and faints. Tarkasura comes and kicks him and says you are lying. atyasura says no maharaj, believe me I am not lying, please give me one chance only one chance! I will make everything right, just one chance maharaj and I will kill devi parvati. Atyasura falls down. Tarkasura says take him to the doctor! Atyasura is taken. A soldier says maharaj why did you give him a chance? He is anyway about to die. Tarkasura says no, I have tried many times to find raja himavan’s palace and even devi parvati but I couldn’t do that and atyasura did it, he can kill parvati.
There kaam dev and indra dev reach the cave at menak mountain. Kaam dev and indra dev hide behind a rock and kaam dev says my vision cannot see mahadev. Indra dev says he is right there inside kaam dev, you can attack one of your arrows due to which mahadev’s feelings will change and he will feel love and attraction for mata parvati. Kaam dev says I am not a great archer, I aim my arrows where I want to increase love in a mind’s person. Indra dev says yes kaam dev, do it and go inside. Kaam dev thinks indra dev is scared that is why he is pushing me inside first and staying outside.

Precap: kaam dev attacks an arrow on mahadev. Mahadev opens his eye in anger and his 3rd eye opens as his meditation is disturbed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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