Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi durvasa curses mahadev and parvati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods coming to Kailash and ganesh and kartikeya come and throw color and say happy holi! All gan are dancing and mahadev is sitting tridev while parvati is with mata saraswati and laxmi. Everyone is happy and all gan slowly go and put color on all tridev and tridevi. Ganesh and kartikeya put the colors too. All gods wish happy holi to tridev and tridevi and they put color to each other.
There rishi durvasa hears the celebrations and thinks, even I feel like going to Kailash and meet mahadev and my mata parvati! Rishi gets up and he starts walking towards Kailash.
In Kailash, everyone is playing holi and all are putting color on each other. Indra dev and gods see ganesh and kartikeya. Ganesh says father now it is out chance to put color on you and mother. Mahadev

smiles. Kartikeya and ganesh take color and they go to mahadev and parvati. Both put the color on mahadev’s feet and take his blessings and put color on parvati’s feet and take her blessings. Parvati and mahadev bless ganesh. Ganesh then says mama shree Vishnu, please come, it is holi, lets play. Vishnu gets up and goes down. Ganesh says come on mama ji, it is holi, don’t mind today we shall play together. Kuber ji comes running and says wait! Prabhu Vishnu, these are children and they are convincing so much, then why break their heart? It is holi today, you come on lets play holi. Lord Vishnu laughs and says kuber ji, you only go with these kids. Indra dev says kuber ji, be alert, they are kids, they will not leave you. Everyone laugh. Kuber says it is okay, if they are calling me, I will go and play with them. Ganesh says yes kuber ji, come with us.
Kartikeya and ganesh take kuber ji out to play holi, they go and kuber says it is holi! Ganesh says we will color you so much kuber ji. Kuber says I too will not leave you kids. Suddenly kubers falls into a decorated pond and both ganesh and kartikeya laugh and say it is holi, enjoy the water! Both laugh and all gods laugh. Lord Vishnu says what happened kuber ji? See, it is holi, don’t mind! Kuber says prabhu Vishnu even you are laughing? Kuber then laughs too and says it is holi! Enjoy kids.
Everyone put color on each other. Indra dev goes behind devi sachi playing with colors. Mahadev looks at parvati who is happy and smiling. Mahadev says uma, you look happy and beautiful today. Parvati smiles. Ganesh then sees parvati and amidst all color in the air, parvati’s mata kali form is seen and ganesh does pranam and says mata kali, this is a son’s pranam to you. Then mata kali goes. Mahadev says to parvati, uma now let me also play holi with you. Parvati says yes swami. Mahadev takes color and puts on parvati as pavati also takes color and puts on mahadev. There rishi durvasa comes inside Kailash. As everyone is playing holi, the gan are dancing. Rishi says get aside, I want to go and meet mahadev. Gan say who is it? They then see rishi durvasa and they get aside and rishi goes ahead. Indra dev and all gods see rishi coming and are shocked and they stop. Ganesh and kartikeya stop and rishi walks ahead. Mahadev and parvati are looking at each other and are busy into each other. Rishi comes and says pranam mahadev and mata parvati but mahadev and mata parvati are not aware. Rishi says in a harsh voice pranam mahadev and mata! Again mahadev and mata don’t see. Rishi then gets angry and says loudly, pranam mahadev and mata parvati! Both mahadev and mata see and rishi is very angry. Rishi says in anger, I am standing here since when and you both don’t care if your disciple comes, you are busy into each other, I will not bare this. Ganesh and kartikeya come. Kartikeya thinks, rishi came and has again lost control of his anger, he will ruin this festival. Rishi says angrily, mahadev and mata parvati you have insulted your disciple and now I curse you, you both always keep looking at each other, that is your curse and you will stay like that, in fact I feel you should not even live in Kailash as it is a place where your disciples can come and meet you, but you both don’t even care.
Parvati says rishi, like always even today you came to Kailash and again like before you lost control of you anger, when will you start controlling your anger? You have disturbed our festival of holi. Mahadev says today we will not disappoint any disciple of ours! Ask what you want. Rishi says angrily, you both leave Kailash. Mahadev and parvati say, so be it, we will do that only. Both disappear and leave Kailash. Kartikeya and ganesh are angry. Kartikeya says no!

Precap: both mahadev and parvati disappear. Ganesh and kartikeya feel sad. Kartikeya thinks this time rishi lost his anger and he has to be taught a lesson. Mata kali’s 10 stories are recited.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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