Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh goes to earth.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying father tell me where is mother? Ganesh says I came back to Kailash and mother did not meet me at the door, this can never happen, where is she? Mahadev looks at ganesh. Ganesh says has anything happened to mother? Mahadev says no, she is fine son. Ganesh thinks I have never seen father so sad before. Mahadev thinks if ganesh knows he will be very sad, but it cannot be hidden from him. Mahadev says son, your mother is not in Kailash. Ganesh says I did not understand. Mahadev says she is where she is making amends for her mistake, she has been sent away from Kailash. Ganesh says but was that mistake so huge that there was no other option other than sending from Kailash? Mahadev says I understand you, for a child his parents can never be mistaken. Ganesh says

you both have been mistaken, you have done a mistake by sending mother away. Mahadev gets angry and says son! Ganesh says forgive me father, mother has for sure been mistake but unknowingly, she was just having fun, doesn’t she have that right? Mahadev says being the father and mother of entire universe, we are bound too. There has been a great consequence, birth of darkness. Ganesh says she just wanted to give you a gift. Mahadev says her fun has created a huge mistake, we cannot have even a small mistake in our life. Ganesh says it is true, but isn’t that true when you were mistaken, she always forgave you and never sent you away from her. Mahadev says so you will tell me my mistakes. Ganesh says I am just telling you what you did on the contrary, you helped tripurasur as well as gajasur, wasn’t that a mistake? He created a huge problem for the world. Mahadev says ganesh! That was my duty, I had to give them their wish as they had done hard prayers and won it. Ganesh says where did mother do wrong? The result was because of her love, and you punished her? Ganesh says you are bholenath who forgive everyone, then how could you disappoint mother? Mahadev thinks always I have kept duty ahead of you and disappointed you uma! Mahadev closes his eyes and ganesh takes his blessings and says forgive me father, by saying all this I did not wanted to hurt you.
Mahadev says asking forgiveness is easy, but it doesn’t end there, your mother did a mistake and she has to make amends. Ganesh says what is wrong and right is how a person interprets. Ganesh says like the rising of a sun is good for some but bad for some, insects which are born at night die when the sun comes out, then isn’t that wrong? Mahadev is angry and says ganesh! Ganesh says father isn’t this right, you are angry on your anger itself from the inside and not me, because your decision is what angers you and you are crumbling from inside without mother.
Parvati is on earth and she starts dusting the ground near a tree where she lives. She wipes the surface and collects all dried leaves.
There ganesh says father I am with you. Mahadev says ganesh, parvati cannot come back without making amends. Ganesh says then there is no option left. Maahdev feels sad as he remembers parvati. Mahadev is walking out sad. Ganesh suddenly says mushak ji come soon, mushak ji come now! Mahadev turns and says son if mushak ji isn’t coming near you then you go to him and tell him what you want. Ganesh says for sure father even I was saying that, if mother cant stay here then at least we can go and stay with her
On earth parvati collects flowers and puts on a shiv ling made by her with a rock. Parvati prays to it. There ganesh hugs mahadev and says a child’s childhood is completed with his parents and without you both I am incomplete. Mahadev says son my life is incomplete without your mother, my Kailash is where parvati lives but will she allow me to live with her after all this? Ganesh says I will ask her that. Mahadev says don’t tell her I am sad otherwise she will be more sad. Ganesh says don’t worry father. Mushak comes and ganesh says come on lets get ready to go.
Parvati says how sad will my son be when he knows about me, I couldn’t even meet him. Ganesh there is coming on earth. Parvati is worried for mahadev and ganesh. Parvati prays to shiv ling for ganesh. Parvati remembers ganesh and cries and says how did I make such a huge mistake? Parvati says swami I have to live away from my family you and ganesh, how will i? ganesh comes and says mother! Parvati listens and says son! Where is ganesh? Ganesh comes running towards parvati. Parvati has tears and ganesh comes and hugs parvati. Parvati says forgive me, I came without meeting you. Parvati says how did you come here? Does father know? Ganesh says I did not come alone. Parvati says who is with you? Ganesh says nandi, total ji, shringi ji and other gan have come. Ganesh thinks mother thought father would be here and she was happy, which means she wont reject father from staying here. All gan come and say pranam mata. Parvati says why did you leave swami alone? Ganesh says mother you came for meditation here mom, so nandi ji and other gan will make the hut for you and you sit here we will help you. Parvati says okay. Ganesh and everyone do their work. Parvati looks at shiv ling and thinks I thought you had come prabhu but I thought about my mistake. There mahadev is walking restlessly under his tree and thinks son take your mother’s message and come back to Kailash soon as I cannot live with her.
There ganesh tells all gan to do preparations as required for mahadev and parvati. All gan work. Ganesh goes to parvati and says mother see! Parvati goes with ganesh and all gan. Ganesh says come, he shows her the entire hut and all decorations. Parvati is happy and says very beautiful to everyone. Ganesh shows parvati a huge rock for sitting. Parvati thinks in Kailash this rock is like swami’s meditation seat. Parvati sees a shadow of mahadev there.
In Kailash, mahadev keeps the trishul and sits waiting. There parvati says son everything is nice but for me alone this hut is huge and this meditation place. Ganesh says it is right for father right? Parvati says for father? Ganesh says yes I brought a message from him, he cannot stay away from you, he wants to know mother that can he live here with you. Parvati smiles happily and is excited. Ganesh says say mother, can father come here? Parvati says I don’t believe mahadev wants to come here leaving Kailash to me. Ganesh says this is true mother. Parvtai is happy and says if he comes here I will be happy, I thought I have to stay away from him for years but son mahadev has a lot of responsibilities, how will he leave his disciples and duty? Ganesh says he will come, ganesh gives parvati a kamal flower and says before this flower dries, I promise father will come here. Parvati smiles.

Precap: mahadev comes. Parvati waits for mahadev. A disciple waits for mahadev. Mahadev says I have to meet my disciple first. Parvati says from now my disciples will be first for me before everything.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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