Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Andhkasura’s soldiers attack battlefield with thousands of arrows.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev being pinned down by the demon. Ganesh says what is happening? Why are the gods powers not working? Why is everyone losing? There vayu dev says I cannot see this happen o devraj indra, I have to save him. Vayu dev with his powers throws away some demons using storms. As vayudev is going ahead, the fast demon attacks arrows from the air on vayu dev. vayu dev says who is doing that and he looks up at the demon. Vayu dev is angry. Vayu dev says demon you have attacked vayudev, now you will feel my power. Vayu dev removes tornadoes from his hands and attacks the demon. The demon uses rocks and destroys vayu dev’s attack and throws him down. Demon laughs and says nothing could happen. Vayu dev says what is happening? Why aren’t my powers working?

agni dev says I will save you indra dev. agni dev says to demon, leave devraj otherwise I will kill you. The demon steps away from indra dev and says agni dev first I will kill you and then devraj. Agni dev says I give you a chance to run away, otherwise I will burn you to your skin and destroy you. Demon laughs and says try what you can. Agni dev removes fire from his powers and attacks on the demon. The demon laughs and removes all his 10 hands with various weapons and attacks on agni dev’s spells. Agni dev is shocked and says how is my fire not working? Agni dev keeps attacking on the demon. Ganesh sees and says all gods powers are weak, why is this happening? Agni dev attacks more. Ganesh says agni dev is in trouble, I have to help him. Ganesh goes behind agni dev and uses his trunk and with air he throws down the demon. Indra dev comes to ganesh and agni dev. there andhkasura laughs and looks at ganesh, he says this kid is trouble. Indra dev says ganesh ji we gods powers are not working, even my Vajra has become weak. Ganesh says yes devraj, I saw that, but you and agni dev fight this demon, I will go and try to capture andhkasura.
Tridev see this. Agni dev and indra dev fight the demon, the demon removes all his weapons and attacks together on agni dev and indra dev, varun dev comes. All 3 of them use their weapons and fight the demon.
There nandi runs towards the goat demon, the goat demon punches nandi as he comes and nandi falls unconscious. The demon looks at ganesh and kartikeya fighting demons, he says I will kill them both. He runs towards kartikeya first, ganesh sees and says I have to fight him. Demon comes running and ganesh get betwee kartikeya and does malyudh with demon. Kartikeya fights other soldiers. Ganesh thinks what is happening? Why am I not able to defeat this demon? There andhkasura comes in the battlefield and says to his commander to kill kartikeya. Kartikeya kills soldiers and then fights the commander. Ganesh thinks I have to use my intelligence, ganesh kicks the demons legs and pushes him behind. Demon falls on andhkasura and another demon. All get up and andhkasura says now I will show you. Suddenly brahma dev starts saying a prayer. All demons hear the prayer and close their ears, they scream and say no! stop it. All demons fall down in pain. Ganesh says It is working. As brahma dev says prayers, suddenly demons get up again and laugh. Brahma dev says our powers are weak. Andhkasura tells his soldiers in palace to attack arrows on the battlefield. The soldiers get ready. Ganesh goes to tridev, lord Vishnu says andhkasura wants to injure all our army. The soldiers attack arrows and thousands arrows head towards the battlefield. Ganesh says the arrows are poisonous. Mahadev uses his trishul and creates a shield around all soldiers. Andhkasura says their powers are still working, lets see how much time, devi laxmi is with us and not them. Andhkasura says to soldiers to attack again. Mahadev says I don’t know how much time I may be able to hold this shield. Brahma dev and lord Vishnu step in and help holding the shield. Ganesh says why is this happening mama shree? Lord Vishnu says this is because devi laxmi is not with us and mata Shakti too, we have lost our powers because Shakti and shree are not with us but we may get our powers back if jeshtha laxmi, the shadow form of laxmi is convinced. Ganesh says mama shree, where is jeshtha laxmi? I will go to her.
There the fast demon goes in air and says you yaksha soldiers, I will kill you all. He starts attacking arrows on them and killing the yaksh soldiers.

Precap: ganesh goes to a cave to find jestha laxmi. Mahadev and lord Vishnu and brahma dev hold a shield over all soldiers. Parvati comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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