Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan eats modak.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati saying how will my son be introduced to the gods in this divya form? Brahma dev says devi, gajanan will one day know that he is omkar swarup para brahma, as now his kundli has not been revealed once revealed he will know what his purpose is and he will take his form back into para brahma ganpati. Lord Shankar says yes devi, gajanan will know he is omkar swarup, lord Vishnu says yes. Parvati says which means he is omkar swarup, it was futile of me to challenge devraj indra because my son is the greatest of all. Lord Shankar smiles and nods his head. Gajanan comes running and says mother, I was gone for so long, no one even called me, weren’t you all worried for me? What if something had happened to me? Parvati says come son I will give you more milk. Gajanan

says no mother, no more milk now, I will eat food only which you gave to brother otherwise I wont eat anything. Lord Vishnu says what? My nephew has not had food yet? Gajanan says yes mama shree, see mother hasn’t given me food yet. Parvati says brother actually his anna prashan sanskar has not yet been done. Lord Shankar says devi, you are his mother and Annapurna, there is lord brahma and devi saraswati and lord Vishnu and devi laxmi here, what other occasion will be better than their presence for son’s anna prashan sanskar? Parvati says okay.
Inside palace, all arrangements are done for gajanan’s annaprashan sanskaar. Gajanan is seated on a diwan with food kept ahead of him in a huge plate. There are various and a lot of types of food items. Gajanan thinks wow so much food for me, it looks tasty. Lord Shankar says to parvati’s father, you are gajanan’s grandfather, you start first by feeding him. father goes to gajanan to feed him the first bite but parvati stops and says wait! Mainavati says what happened daughter? Why did you stop? Parvati says one important thing has been left and without it we cannot start gajanan’s anna prashan sanskaar. Maina says what is it? parvati says I will bring it. parvati goes in the kitchen and nandi and others start bringing ingredients inside the kitchen, parvati is making something. Gajanan says how much time more do I have to wait? Lord Vishnu says gajanan, if you have patience then the fruit you bear will always be sweet. Gajanan says yes and smiles. After sometime, parvati comes out with a dish filled with sweets. Maina thinks what is this? It looks something ordinary, she says parvati this looks ordinary not like anything kept here. gajanan says grandmother as my mother has made it, it will for sure be unique. parvati says the real taste is hidden inside it mother. Gajanan says mother what do we call it? parvati says it is called modak! Gajanan says modak! Parvati says yes, it’s name means it brings happiness into everyone’s lives with its unique taste. Parvati smiles and says like the modak, a person should be simple in his life with the simplest requirements but at the same time away from moh and maya and seeking for the truth, the result will always be inside you as just like the modak, you have to find the parmatma(god) inside you, once you seek that you will be away from moh maya. Gajanan says what is this moh maya mother? Kartikeya says yes what is it? and how do we stay away from it? parvati smiles and says moh maya is what a person would wish for more, it never ends but can be kept away from ourselves by concentrating on the right path and the god inside us. Gajanan says okay. Parvati tells father to give son modak. Parvati’s father takes one modak and feeds gajanan. Gajanan eats and says wow mother, it is truly amazing, there is such sweetness in it and such a pleasant taste. Everyone smile. Maina then feeds gajanan a modak. Lord Shankar comes and says son, remember there will be thing that may try to attract your attention, someone’s soft touch, then delicious food, gold and greed, which may cause our destruction, staying alert is the path to being safe In ourselves away from such evil. Lord Shankar feeds gajanan a modak and sits. Then he tells parvati to feed her son a modak which she does and then says son the shape of this modak is like infinity. Gajanan says what is infinity mother? Parvati says infinity is the beginning and the never ending, it is capable in itself entirely, all beings begin and end inside it only.
After this, brahma dev, lord Vishnu, saraswati and laxmi feed gajanan modak. Kartikeya comes and gajanan gives one huge modak to kartikeya. Kartikeya says mother the taste of this modak has taught gajanan to share his food with me. Gajanan says I have understood one thing, a person however simple they may seem, but if they understand the god inside them, then by showing their good deeds they will become unique. The unique modak that you have made, the entire universe will learn this message from it and from today modak will be my favorite sweet. Saraswati says gajanan, your anna prashan is now over, you can eat food as much as you want. Gajanan starts eating food and finishes everything, he says wow my stomach is full now and I am happy. All gods go. gajanan says mother can I sleep now? parvati says yes rest today but from tomorrow you have to work hard to find the god inside you.
Lord Shankar is meditating and indra dev comes. He says prabhu the south side has again been attacked by demons and we need the help of commander of our army kartikeya again. lord Shankar thinks this time parvati wont let kartikeya go.

Precap: parvati says devraj, my younger son gajanan will be doing kathor meditation from today to seek the god inside him. indra dev says to all gods, we have to stay alert, if that child succeeds in his meditation he will be an insult to us and even my throne may be in danger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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