Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi agastya marries lopamudra.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganesh says how could maharaj kaver say no to giving his daughter to such a great rishi? Mahadev says it is right, maharaj kaver was a great king and for a father he would always think why to give his daughter to an old rishi when he could marry her to princes. In flashback, maharaj kabir looks at rishi Agastya and thinks, rishi you are great but I can marry my daughter to many handsome princes, she has lived in richness and greatness all her life, but where will she live with rishi? What food will she have? How will she travel with rishi? No, I cannot marry my daughter to rishi Agastya.
King kaver says rishi Agastya, please forgive me, I don’t intend to insult you but rishi my daughter has lived a royal life all her life and how do I marry her to you? What will she eat with you and where

will she live? How will she travel with you? I prayed to lord Vishnu for my daughter, I did not have a child and I did years of prayers for my daughter lopamudra. I am sorry but I will not marry my daughter to you rishi, I am ready to take any curse you give me. Rishi Agastya smiles and gets down from the throne, he says king kaver I understand your worry for your daughter but this all had been decided by lord Vishnu, my ancestors told me I had to marry lopamudra and lord Vishnu told lopamudra too, if you don’t believe me then ask her. Lopamudra tells king kaver, father it is true, I had prayed to lord Vishnu and he appeared once and told me that I would be married to rishi Agastya in the future and then I would take the form of river kaveri and save the south from droughts. King kaver thinks and lopamudra says it is not wrong father, there can be no better husband for me than rishi Agastya in the world. King agrees and rishi Agastya and lopamudra get married.
There indra dev says to mahadev that the problem of droughts in south was not because of him and it has to be dealt soon otherwise a lot of people would die due to starvation. Brahma dev says I agree with indra dev. brahma dev thinks there is another problem in the oceans, mahadev’s power must have created some problem and I have to tell mahadev about it, how do I say now? Ganesh says father then what happened? Mahadev continues.
In flashback, rishi Agastya and lopamudra get married and indra dev appears. Indra dev says rishi my elephant airaavat will take you and mata lopamudra wherever you want to go, indra dev calls airaavat. Airaaavat comes, lord vishnu’s garuda comes too and garuda says pranam rishivar, lord Vishnu sent me to take you and mata wherever you would want to go. Nandi appears and says pranam rishi, please give me a chance to take you where you want to go. King kaver sees and thinks rishi Agastya doesn’t have any modes of travelling but all gods have sent their animal vehicles for rishi to travel, this shows how great he is. Rishi Agastya says thank you devraj indra, but me and my wife would go walking ourselves. Indra dev says okay but he gets restless. As rishi is going, rishi stops and says indra dev, I think you want to say something to me but you are not. Indra dev says rishi you are going walking and that is fine but a problem has arisen, vindhyachal mountain has gained an ego and has been creating trouble for all people, he thinks he is taller and greater than all mountains. Rishi thinks this is wrong as no one should ever have an ego of what they are. Rishi and lopamudra go.
Ganesh says to indra dev, you used intelligence and offered airaavat to rishi Agastya as there was a problem with vindhyachal, you are smart. Indra dev smiles.
There rishi Agastya and lopamudra walk and walk and reach a nearby village at the border of south. Rishi says lets rest there and lopamudra says yes swami. As they walk, vindhyachal mountain is there and it says I am greater than the Himalayas and taller, no mountain can beat me. Vindhyachal starts becoming huge and huge increasing its size. As it increases, the ground shakes and rocks fall on the village, people panic and get scared as rocks fall on their houses. Lopamudra holds rishi as he looks at vindhyachal.

Precap: ganesh says what did rishi Agastya do to break the ego of vindhyachal? Ganesh becomes a crow and goes to rishi Agastya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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