Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev granst wish to shokracharya.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati doing tandav in anger, ganesh thinks he shall sing a song to calm down the anger of parvati. Ganesh starts singing a ganesh vandana for parvati, he sings with his sweet voice and in some time parvati’s anger calms down. Parvati looks at ganesh and has tears. Ganesh ays mother you are back in your original form now. Parvati says to ganesh, son I was so sad without you for years, that time when you came to me when I was as a kid in the form of katyaani, I had to keep myself away from you, I felt very bad but that was the purpose of my avatar. Ganesh says I missed you mother, he hugs parvati. Parvati smiles and has tears. Ganesh says mother now everything will be fine again, we will all live in Kailash, out family is together now. Mahadev comes ahead. Parvati

says no ganesh, the purpose of my avtar is over. Parvati says ganesh, I was called to kill mhaishasura! But because of whom was mhaishasura caused? It was mahadev!
Parvati says mahadev you were the reason for mhaishasura if I was the reason for andhkasura! Because you gave mhaishasura’s father ram a wish, mhaishasura came to so much destruction. Then shouldn’t you leave Kailash too? Mahadev says parvati you had done a mistake, but I gave ramm a wish which he had prayed for, I couldn’t deny that. Parvati says I stayed all tensed and worried and in trouble for so many years but you stayed in Kailash, where did you have any trouble? Mahadev says parvati without you I can never be happy, I was troubled and sad staying in Kailash alone, please come back to Kailash. Parvati says mahadev but for causing mhaishasura wont you go away from Kailash? Ganesh says what are you saying mother? Parvati says don’t worry son, I wont let that happen, instead I will leave kailasgh again for mahadev’s mistake too, not him. Parvati goes. Ganesh tries to stop her but she goes. Mahadev is sad. Ganesh tells all gods, brahma dev and Vishnu dev to stop parvati. Everyone is sad. Mahadev closes his eyes, he is being called by his disciple rishi shokracharya. Shokracharya says mahadev please appear mahadev, shokracharya is standing in water and says mahadev I am fed up now, I am leaving my position of the guru of demons by swearing to this water. As shokracharya is trying to use water, mahadev appears and stops it, he says shokracharya wait! Rishi says what do I do then mahadev? It is no use of me being the guru of demons when I cannot guide them to what they need and want. Mahadev says rishi you cannot leave your position like this, you have been destined for this. Rishi says mahadev, all the demons always die, the demons don’t even have amrit, please give us amrit. Mahadev says I cannot give you amrit. Rishi says then mahadev it is no use of me being the guru of demons, they all die. Mahadev says wait shokracharya, I cannot give you amrit but will give you mrit sanjeevani, the science of mrit sanjeevani will allow you to bring dead demons back, but be alert, you can use this only for the work of dharma and not iniquity! Rishi says okay, mahadev goes. Shokracharya smiles.
There ganesh goes behind parvati and says mother why are you going? Please come back to Kailash, without you we are nothing, father will be so lonely. Parvati says what did I do? Parvati says ganesh, I hurt your father, I shouldn’t have said what I spoke back there. Ganesh says mother, if you come to Kailash now then father will be very happy. Parvati says ganesh you go back, I have to do something, I will make this right. Parvati goes. Ganesh thinks and goes back.
There rishi shokracharya is in his lok, he says mhaishasura died! But this time only one demon can bring death upon everyone and defeat all gods, it is andhkasura! Shokracharya says I will help him.

Precap: andhkasura attacks the gods, a war between gods and demons starts. Parvati says to ganesh, the dev-asura sangram has started ganesh. Ganesh stops the war!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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