Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh puts haldi on mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying mother, father is eager to get married to you. Everyone laugh and parvati smiles, she says are you teasing me ganesh? Ganesh says no mother I will tell you, ganesh tells everything from start, and says when he went there with rishi katyaan what happened. In flashback, rishi offers mahadev a simple rudarkash mala he made and says prabhu I am a simple rishi and made this for you what I could do. Mahadev takes it and says rishi the greatest gift you are giving me is your daughter, nothing else I need. Mahadev takes shagun and says so lets go now. Ganesh says no father not yet, mahadev says what happened now? Ganesh says father the groom cannot go now, as haldi ceremony is left and yes don’t forget us. Or will you go alone? Everyone laugh and mahadev smiles.

Ganesh says to parvati so this happened and father is very eager to marry you. Saraswati says ganesh now the ceremonies before marriage will start. Ganesh says I know bua, first there will be haldi and while coming I also brought the haldi from groom side. Ganesh gives haldi to parvati and she says this haldi is a Prasad to me from mahadev! Parvati smiles.
There at groom side, mahadev waits, saraswati comes with ganesh. Saraswati says mahadev, I brought the haldi from bride’s side. Everyone smile. Ganesh says father we shall start the ceremony now. Ganesh says devrishi narad, why don’t you start first? Narad muni says how can I start when so many people are here? I am just a rishi, let indra dev start, he is greater than me in position too, he is devraj, indra dev you start. Indra dev says no devrishi, when brahma dev and lord Vishnu are here, how can I start the haldi? Kartikeya says let me suggest, I have a solution, why don’t we allow ganesh to start the haldi? After all, he has a huge hand in bringing mother and father together. Everyone say yes. Saraswati says yes ganesh you start the ceremony. Ganesh takes haldi and says father wait for some time, I will be back now. Mahadev says be quick ganesh. Ganesh goes to parvati first and puts haldi on her face and hands, he takes that haldi and comes to mahadev. He puts the haldi on mahadev too and starts the ceremony, everyone then start putting the haldi on mahadev. Mahadev looks at the haldi and sees parvati’s face in it.
There in a demon palace, 2 demon brothers, vaishyapriya and sundarpriya are fighting in malyudh. Sundarpriya says I will defeat you easily brother. Vaishyapriya is a dwarf demon and says no, you don’t know my powers. Vaishyapriya creates his clones and fights his brother while sundarpriya holds Vaishyapriya and attacks him. Their father the king lambasura sees and laughs, he says I am proud of you both, both of you have been prepared to fight anyone, both you sons are powerful. Vaishyapriya and sundarpriya stand together and say father we will do what you will say. A demon comes and says maharaj lambasura, we have news, mahadev and all men will take the biradri of groom for marriage, they are going to leave Kailash. Lambasura laughs and says good news it is, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, the gods most important place Kailash will be left, it is time to attack. Lambasura says sons, the time has come, I made you ready for this moment and we will attack Kailash at this right time.
There everyone put haldi on mahadev. Ganesh says father your wait if finally over, we shall go to mother’s place as other ceremonies will be there.

Precap: everyone take the biraadri to parvati’s place for all ceremonies. Mahadev goes with all gods and rishi’s, everyone is present with all men dancing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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