Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan is para brahma ganpati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya eating food and thinks where is mother? She went out. Suddenly he hears the voice of jimbha screaming. Kartikeya says what was that sound? He gets up and goes out to see. He comes and sees jimbha dead. Gajanan looks at jimbha and says see you got what you deserved, father protected me in time. Parvati thinks the question now arises, which divya form is my son and how was he protected? How is he so powerful and he does not have any scared feeling on his face. Kartikeya comes and then says mother’s worrying is right for gajanan, these demons come in various forms to attack gajanan and he has to be protected. Kartikeya removes his bow and then prays for an arrow, gajanan thinks wow brother has a bow. Kartikeya removes an arrow and says this message is to that

enemy, a warning to not do anything else otherwise next attack will be for his destruction. Kartikeya shoots the arrow inside jimbha and her body flies to hell where sindhura is waiting for jimbha.
Sindhura says where is that jimbha? Sindhika says don’t call her. Sindhura says say clearly. Sindhika says samrat, if she comes I will get affected by her poison again as she will bring the poison in the air with her. Suddenly jimbha’s body comes with an arrow and sindhika says see that maharaj. Sindhura sees jimbha coming and she falls down with the arrow near sindhura. The message of kartikeya is read and sindhura says that small child killed jimbha too.
Gajanan says mother she came in jaya mausi’s form and offered me food but I did not take it. Then she offered me milk and it was bitter, but father saved me in time. Kartikeya says come in now gajanan. Gajanan says no brother, I will not come in now, I am hungry and should I wait and see brother eat all the food mother made. I will stay here. Lord Shankar smiles. Gadsar is coming eating fruits full of basket. Gajanan says father, mother and brother I am not coming anywhere, I will go and eat the fruits of that gan. Gadsar seea and runs, gajanan goes behind him. parvati then says swami, how is son so powerful and what divya shakti is protecting him?
Brahma dev saraswati and lord Vishnu and laxmi appear. Brahma dev says parvati your son gajanan has been protecting you even before he was born. Parvati says before he was born? When was that? Brahma dev says do you remember that time when you were making gajanan’s painting as you pictured him. parvati closes her eyes and says yes brahma dev. Brahma dev says that time a demon had come to your palace to kill your son kartikeya, when he entered inside his evil eyes fell on you, that time gajanan was the one to protect you as his eyesight threw away that demon out from the palace. Lord Vishnu says yes devi parvati, gajanan is omkar swarup. Parvati says omkar swarup? How is he a divya power? Lord Vishnu says gajanan is only omkar swarup param shakti para brahma maha Ganpati. Everyone smiles and parvati and kartikeya are amazed. Lord Shankar says which means gajanan is the form of para brahma ganpati whom we had the honor to meet after the great destruction. Parvati says when swami? Lord Shankar tells the story, many crore years back when the world he, brahma dev and lord Vishnu had built, the universe started destroying. Lord Vishnu says yes, that time we tridev stood on a rock on earth and looked at all the destruction that happened as the world went under water. Lord Vishnu says we looked at each other and wondered what was the use of us tridev when we couldn’t stop this destruction on the world and universe we made. Brahma dev says we couldn’t find any solution to this and thus we tridev went into hell to meditate. Lord Shankar says we sat there for millions of years meditating to find a solution to bringing back the world and our responsibilities. Brahma dev says but we couldn’t find one and after millions of years we failed and went back to earth, but this time the water had become silent but it had still covered all the land masses except for one mass of rock. Lord Vishnu says we tridev went on that mass and wondered about the solution to this, then we prayed to the one, the para brahma for him to guide us. Lord Shankar says it was para brahma ganpati, he appeared with his huge and holy form. In flashback, ganpati appears and says I am the one, I am the beginning and the end too, I am everything who has created everything and In which everything lives too, I have decided everything and made everything and everything exists because of me. Lord Shankar, brahma dev and lord Vishnu do pranam prabhu. Ganpati says everything will be back to what it was as destruction has to happen and creation will always happen. Brahma dev says I have a doubt prabhu, there will be so much destruction where will the new life start? Ganpati shows brahma dev the universe, brahma dev sees planets being destroyed but at the same time new galaxies formed with new planets and life on it. Brahma dev says you are great prabhu. Ganpati says mahadev, lord Vishnu and brahma dev, everything eventually will reside in you all, mahadev you are the reason for the universe’s existence and will balance everything. Mahadev says yes prabhu.
In present, lord Shankar gajanan is the omkar swarup of para brahma ganpati. Everyone smile as parvati says my son is the divya form of para brahma.

Precap: sindhura is angry on sindhika. Gajanan eats gadsar’s fruits.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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