Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Demons fight for demon king crown.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya hiding near the crown of the demon king on the throne. Ganesh and kartikeya are small in size and hide under the crown. All demon army stands in front of guru shokracharya. Ganesh says brother, guru shokracharya is finding the new demon king who will destroy everyone with this huge army and rule the universe. Kartikeya says you are right ganesh, we have to strike at the right time, till then we shall wait and watch.
A powerful demon named dhumralochan comes and says asur guru shokracharya, I am the most powerful demon and I am fit to be the king of all the demons. Suddenly two demon brothers come named, dund and mund and say you foolish demon, go back home, otherwise we will kill you. Dhumralochan turns back and says you guys are dumb, you think

you can kill me? Mund and dund say yes we can, both of them remove their axes and then attack a blue spell on dhumralochan, dhumralochan screams in anger, he falls down. He then gets up and says come fight me. Both demon brothers attack again on dhumralochan, this time he defends the attack and then pushes them behind, throwing them down. Both demons get up and then go to fight dhumralochan again, they use their weapons against dhumralochan but suddenly both of them get bashed into dhumralochan and all 3 of them get hurt. Mund and dund get up and say what happened now? How did we crash into dhumralochan? Ganesh and kartikeya see and ganesh says brother, I think there is someone else here too, I am not able to see that demon. Kartikeya says yes ganesh you are right. Shokracharya then says I feel like someone is near the throne, ganesh and kartikeya hide under the crown. Shokracharya then looks at the demons fighting. Mund and dund attack dhumralochan but he vanishes and comes back and kicks them, suddenly the three of them are beaten together. They get up and say who is there? A very dark demon lands on the ground and breathes heavily and says you all are filthy, I am the right king for this throne. Mund and dund say who are you fool? You cannot kill us. Dhumralochan says you don’t know the powers we have, I will turn you to dust. The demon says then come and fight me. Dhumralochan removes his axe and mund says go dhumralochan, we leave this filthy loser for you to fight, he is very easy to kill, after that we will kill you and become king of demons.
Dhumralochan thinks you insult me, I will kill him first and then you both. Dhumralochan runs and attacks the dark demon, the dark demon removes his shield. Mund and dun laugh and say his shield is bigger than he is. Dhumralochan lands big attacks on the shield of the dark demon, the demon gets hit near his eye and blood comes out. Then the demon uses his shield and throws dhumralochan down. Mund and dund say how is this possible? This demons seems to be powerful!
Ganesh says brother this demon is very weird and powerful.
There the dark demon takes his blood on his finger and throws on the ground. Same clones of the dark demon come out of each drop of blood falling down. The demon says how much ever you beat me, I will get even more stronger and the more I bleed, the more clones of mine will appear and you will have to fight me. Shokracharya smiles. Mund and dund say this demons seems difficult to defeat. The dark demon looks at shokracharya and says now clearly I am better than all demons and best to be king! From your expression, I can say you want me to come up and take the crown. Mund and dund say stop demon, what did you think you will just go there and take the crown easily? You have to fight us, we will kill you. Dark demon smiles and says then come on, fight me!
Ganesh says brother, even more powerful demons are appearing for the crown, if this dark demon is not stopped, then the universe will be in danger if he takes the crown.

Precap: the dark demon kills mund and dund as they fight him, he then goes ahead to take the crown. Ganesh and kartikeya hide behind the crown.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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