Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Katyaani kills mhaishasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with katyaani opening her mouth, her army soldiers come from her mouth and go and fight demon soldiers. As they fight, mhaishasura’s commander says katyaani, I will capture you myself and drag you to maharaj mhaishasura. Katyaani gets angry, she removes her paash and with it holds commander and throws him here and there with so much power and then throws him at the foot of mhaishasura. Commander dies. Mhaishasura says no! he says you killed my commander, now I will cal an even powerful demon, he calls his demon jawal who screams and comes on a huge elephant. Demon says woman, you killed the commander of my king, I will not leave you, I will cut those hands of yours. All gods, Vishnu, brahma dev and ganesh watch from cliff, ganesh thinks why didn’t father come here? He

has to tell mother after she kills mhaishasura, to come back to Kailash.. Mahadev watches from Kailash and gets angry on the demon.
There jawal uses his powers and attacks on parvati. Parvati destroys those attacks easily. Jawal is shocked and attacks 10 axes together on katyaani. Katyaani attacks arrows from the bows on them. The axes are destroyed but one axe hits somnandi. Katyaani says no somanandi! Katyaani thinks he hurt my lion. Parvati looks at somnandi as he roars. Jawal says nice she is distracted I will kill her now, jawal comes ahead with his elephant. There ganesh sees and removes his weapons, devraj says where are you going? Ganesh says to help mother. Mahadev comes and says no son, stop. Ganesh says I have to go father. Mahadev says ganesh don’t go, it is written in destiny that parvati will kill mhaishasura herself. Ganesh says okay father. There somnandi pounces on jawal and attacks him with his claws, jawal says no as he gets hurt and he falls down. Somnandi pounces on him and attacks with claws thus killing him. Mhaishasura says no jawal! Mhaishasura looks at his army which is almost killed. Mhaishasura says even my army is not left, he then screams in anger and says katyaani I will fight you, I don’t need an army to fight you, I am alone enough for you. Mhaishasura gets down his chariot, he then turns into bull and runs towards parvati. All gods are worried. Mhaishasura then runs away from her towards somnandi. Gods say where is he going? Ganesh says he wants to attack somnandi ji! Mhaishasura says first I will kill you lion! Mhaishasura charges and then hits somnandi, somnandi flies crashing down on rocks. Parvati is angry. Somnandi comes roaring and then runs towards mhaishasura, he runs faster and hits mhaishasura, mhaishasura is thrown away even far as he gets hurt.
Mhaishasura gets up and both somnandi and mhaishasura run towards each other, as they clash a huge light is removed. Somnandi pushes mhaishasura behind. Mhaishasura says no I will kill you. Mhaishasura as the bull becomes very huge and tries stepping on somnandi but katyaani with her power protects somnandi making a shield around him. Parvati then removes the trishul, mhaishasura comes running towards parvati, parvati throws him down, katyaani then takes trishul in her hand. All goddesses appear and merge into katyaani, mhaishasura sees katyaani and remembers his dream, he has tears, katyaani with all anger thrust the trishul into mhaishasura killing him. All gods and tridev and ganesh appear. Katyaani’s anger doesn’t calm down and she starts doing tandav. Vishnu says if katyaani is not stopped then the world will be destroyed. Vishnu dev and all gods start singing a prayer to calm down katyaani’s anger.

Precap: parvati says mahadev, that blind child was my mistake and I stayed on earth for many years but mhaishasura was your mistake, then shoukdnt you leave Kailash? Mahadev blesses a demon that amrit cannot be given to anyone but he will give him sanjeevani buti, from which dead demons can be brought to life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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