Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jimbha puts poison in the milk.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati saying see kartikeya I have made your favorite food today, everything that you like has been made. Kartikeya is happy and says mother I am sorry, I thought everyone was just cared about gajanan. Parvati smiles and says it is okay son, now sit down I will serve you everything. Kartikeya sits and parvati keeps the plate and bowls. Son thinks mother will tell me now to sit too, even I will eat food. Parvati goes and brings all the food and serves kartikeya. Gajanan thinks mother did not tell me to sit, even I am hungry. Parvati says wait I forgot the kheer and goes to bring kheer. Gajanan thinks mother has forgotten me too with the kheer, but no problem I will make my own arrangement. Gajanan goes and takes plate bowls and glass for water. He sits beside kartikeya

and says see brother even I will eat with you. Kartikeya thinks he wont let me eat food peacefully. Parvati comes and serves kartikeya kheer and sees gajanan, she says son no you cannot eat this food. Gajanan says why mother even I am hungry. Parvati says because son your anna prashan sanskar has not been done yet so you cannot eat food, eat fruits as much as you want. Gajanan says mother even the fruits are over now. Parvati says is that so? Then wait I will bring something even delicious and which will fill your stomach. Parvati goes in kitchen, gajanan says see brother mother has made something special for me too, not only for you so only I will eat that. Kartikeya smiles and says yes. Parvati comes with a glass of milk and says take this son. Gajanan sees and says but mother… milk? Why? Parvati says son I am telling you take milk, your stomach will fill. Gajanan takes the glass and says everyone only loves brother kartikeya, no one now cares about me. Gajanan goes, kartikeya says wait I will call him. parvati says no son you sit and eat, he will come back, gajanan is innocent now so he wont understand. Kartikeya smils and eats.
Gajanan goes and sits near the pond outside and says even I am hungry, when will I get to eat tasty food? Jimbha is waiting there and she sees gajanan coming out, she says now I will kill him. jimbha sees jaya coming, jaya is shocked as she sees jimbha. Jimbha takes jaya’s form and then goes to gajanan. Gajanan is not there. She says where did he go in a second? Where is that child? Jimbha searches for him, from behind gajanan comes and says see I am here I caught you. Jimbha sees him and gajanan says I caught you, I know mother sent you here. Jimbha as jaya says yes your mother sent me here son. Gajanan says see I am hungry but mother did not give me any food. Jimbha says close your eyes, son says why? Jimbha says just close it, trust me. Gajanan closes his eyes. Jimbha with her powers makes tasty food appear and she puts poison in it. Jimbha says open your eyes. Gajanan opens his eyes and looks at the food and says wow such delicious food. Jimbha says yes son, take it and eat it. Gajanan then remembers what parvati said and says no I cannot eat this food as mother said my anna prashan sanskaar has not been done. Gajanan says I have to drink milk but I don’t like milk. Jimbha says don’t worry I will make the milk sweet and tasty for you. Gajanan says yes. Jimbha takes the milk and starts putting kaal kuth poison in it. Lord Shankar who is meditating gets disturbed and his eyes open. His trishul starts moving, mahadev gets up angrily with his trishul and starts walking.
Jimbh gives the milk to gajanan to drink. Gajanan drinks the milk with his trunk and suddenly his body becomes blue. Gajanan says why did my body become blue? Jimbha laughs and takes her normal form and says because I ma jimbha, I added kaal kuth poison in your milk, you will die now. Mahadev comes and sees son blue, he gets angry and clenches his fist. Mahadev looks angrily at jimbha. Parvati comes out and sees son, she is worried. Suddenly gajanan’s body shines from the inside and the poison goes from his body, he becomes normal. Jimbha is shocked. Lord Shankar thinks amazing and smiles. Parvati thinks the kaal kuth poison that even mahadev cannot take in and it was stopped at his neck from which he is called neel kanth, how did that not affect son? It came out so easily! Jimbha becomes huge and says foolish child, I will kill you with my poison, I will attack again. Mahadev is angry and he takes his trishul in hand and throws it on jimbha, jimbha sees trishul and says mahadev’s trishul? Jimbha is attacked by trishul and she falls down and dies. Lord Shankar takes his trishul. Son smiles. Parvati thinks the question now arises, how is my son so powerful and what power is protecting hin?

Precap: brahma dev says parvati your son is the ultimate form, he was not affected by kaal kuth poison and has been protecting you before he was born. Lord Vishnu says he is the para brahma ganpati. Mahadev says which means he is the avtar I pictured.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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