Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya fight demons.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the demon army running towards ganesh and kartikeya as mahadev meditates. Kartikeya says these demons wont stop like this, ganesh says yes they have come to the river bank, if they cross then it wont taken time for them to reach the graveyard. We have to stop them.
Kartikeya says ganesh you stop the demons who have reached the river bank, the rest I will take care of. Kartikeya sits on mayur raj and he goes. ganesh uses his trunk and then blows air on the water in the river. The water is lifted in air and demons are shocked, they say this water has been lifted. Ganesh then throws all water over the demons. Demons say save yourselves, the water swoops down on the demons and they drown in it and die.
Kartikeya is on mayur raj and he goes in air, he then looks at

the demons and starts shooting arrows on the demons, he shoots hundreds of arrows and kills the demons. Surya dev says the problem here has been dealt with. Markande says yes ganesh ji and kartikeya saved us.
Kartikeya says ganesh now we have to go and save vayu dev and indra dev. Ganesh says yes brother but these demons will keep arising. Kartikeya says yes, I think we should fight them and then go. ganesh says no brother, you go and save vayu dev and indra dev, someone has to be here to deal with these demon soldiers because they wont stop yet! We cannot waste time. Kartikeya says okay, you are right. Kartikeya goes.
There in swarg lok, shumbh keeps using his power on indra dev and vayu dev as they are frozen and turned into statues. Vayu dev thinks, shumbh you do anything, evil always loses, for that if we have to suffer then it is fine. Nishumbh says brother, don’t use so much of your power, these gods don’t deserve it. Everyone laugh. Shumbh says so indra dev, come on now, tell me where is the amrit? You will be set free if you give me the amrit. Nishumbh says come on brother! If you don’t make them normal how will they tell us? Remove them from their statue mode. Shumbh stops his power and releases indra dev and vayu dev, and says tell me indra dev. Indra dev says you cheap demon, did you think you released us from the stambh power then we would tell you the truth? Never! I will die but never give the demons the amrit. Shumbh gets angry and says stambh loudly and then vayu dev and indra dev are turned statue again.
There ganesh fights the demons using his shield and sword. Ganesh then thinks there are so many demons, they have to be stopped from coming to mahadev. Ganesh then remembers that parvati had given him her powers. Ganesh then fights the demons. Suryadev says varun dev and agni dev, come on we have to fight too, lets show these demons what we have got. The gods remove weapons and fight the demons. Everyone fight and suryadev then kills demons, a commander says suryadev you will die today, not us. Suryadev runs towards other demons as the commander comes flying towards him, suryadev says how do I fight him? suryadev holds the commander and throws him away. Markande says all demons are surrounding here, mahadev is meditating and he should not be disturbed. Suddenly the commander comes flying towards mahadev. Suryadev says what have I done. Markande says what should I do? Parvati sees and says the gods and ganehs are fighting well but shumbh has made vayu dev and indra dev statue, because of that the gods are not able to use all their powers, I have to help them.

Precap: ganesh takes vinayaki avatar as parvati comes with all tridevi’s and goddesses and the entire army of gods and goddesses in the universe.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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