Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya faces a snake.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tarkasura and kartikeya playing snakes and ladders. Tarkasura plays his first chance and throws the dice, tarkasura walks ahead and then obtains a ladder and laughs, he says I am lucky I shall go ahead of you kartikeya. Tarkasura walks to the higher number using the ladder.
Vayu dev says dev senapati it is your turn, you can face any difficulty if taken down by a snake. Kartikeya focuses and then skand mata appears. Mata skand says kartikeya, this game is going to test you on a lot of levels so if you are taken down by a snake, then think smartly and cross that test and come out of the trick that is placed at each snakes mouth and remember nothing is real. Skand mata goes and kartikeya throws the dice, he comes ahead on a number. It is tarkasura’s chance and

he throws the dice and comes on a number too.
Kartikeya takes his turn and throws the dice, this time he comes on a snake. A huge snakes appears, the gods are worried. Tarkasura laughs. the snakes eats kartikeya, kartikeya falls into a trick that he has to cross to get out from the snake. As kartikeya stand, many demons and demonesses stand before kartikeya disguised as gods and goddesses and say dev senapati kartikeya, you have come to swarg lok because you are our commander, we are so happy you are here, look at the beautiful swarg lok. Kartikeya looks around and says indeed it is very beautiful, kartikeya then thinks how can I be in swrag lok if I was playing snakes and ladders with tarkasura? Kartikeya reveals the trick and he looks at the gods and goddesses again and sees they are actually demons. The demons look angrily at kartikeya. Kartikeya uses his spear and fights and kills the demon. Kartikeya comes out and the game continues. Tarkasura plays another chance and he reaches a ladder, tarkasura says yes again I got a ladder and I shall go ahead of you kartikeya. Tarkasura climbs the ladder and he reaches a higher number again.
Kartikeya then prays and skand mata appears, mata skand blesses kartikeya and helps in throwing the dice. Kartikeya throws the dice, he reaches on a snake and then is eaten by the snake, kartikeya is thrown inside a maze and he has to cross the maze quickly otherwise slowly the gods turn into trees. The gods start turning into trees and indra dev vayu dev and kuber say kartikeya ji, be quick and cross that maze otherwise we will completely turn into trees. Kartikeya is worried for the gods and he starts unraveling the maze. Kartikeya roams around and around and comes at the same place each time. Kartikeya then thinks and focuses and says nothing is real, this is an illusion, kartikeya jumps over the maze and it disappears and kartikeya comes out of the maze. The gods are saved from turning into trees. Tarkasura is angry and he says now it is my turn.
Ganesh says to raja devodas, tarkasura was a demon so after all he was always cheating in the game, he played the game of snakes and ladders so that he could stop kartikeya ji and the gods from taking his sword, he wanted to trick them into his game so that they could never come out of his tricks in the snake and ladder game. Raja devodas says then when did kartikeya ji realize this?

Precap: the game of snake and ladder continues as kartikeya again faces a snake. Kartikeya thinks why am I facing the snake all the time?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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