Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Son rides kartikeya’s peacock.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya showing gajanan his vehicle the peacock mayur. Kartikeya says he is my dear friend too and I believe my peacock. Gajanan says then I should sit on him, he may trust me. Gajanan sits on the peacock. Kartikeya says no gajanan don’t sit on mayur, you wont be able to control his speed. Gajanan says no brother I will make him fly. Kartikeya says no brother it is not safe, listen to me something may happen to you. Gajanan laughs and then makes mayur fly. The peacock flies in the air and gajanan enjoys and laughs. Kartikeya says brother come down, once if mayur flies faster you wont be able to control him as he doesn’t know you. Son says no I wont come down any sooner. Suddenly mayur becomes fast and son tries to control him. mayura flies faster and son thinks

brother was right I am not able to control the peacock. The peacock flies into the mountains. Kartikeya says no gajanan! Kartikeya runs behind him.
There sindhura says call jimbha, I will send her to kailash to kill that child. Sindhura then says jimbha, wherever you are, come here right now as samrat sindhura has called you. The message travels to jimbha who is meditating and she opens her eyes angrily and says who disturbed my meditation? I will not leave that person. Jimbha hears the message and says sindhura waked me up, I will show him what I am. There sindhika says sindhura are you mad? When jimbha goes anywhere the air there becomes poisonous and kills whoever is present there, you brought danger here yourself. Sindhura says no one can kill me.
There kartikeya runs behind the peacock and says brother just don’t hold the rope tight, make it loose then mayur will land himself and slow down. gajanan struggles and says brother was right, mayur wont stop, how will I get down? a valley comes and gajanan says if mayur stoops below I will fall down, I will have to make a jump. Kartikeya is shocked and says brother will fall down, I have to save him. mayur at the valley stoops faster and gajanan falls down. kartikeya says gajanan! He jumps from the mountain and flies towards gajanan, they both land down and a huge sound is heard with dust all over. Lord Shankar gets up from the sound. Parvati says what was that sound like a blast? She and maina go to see.
There sindhura and sindhika wait but suddenly the air becomes poisonous and sindhura says what is this? Sindhika says see I told you, before jimbha came the air has become poisonous. Suddenly poison spreads everywhere and the demon soldiers start choking to death, they all fall down and die. Sindhura thinks I should have thought about this before. Sindhika falls down unconscious. Jimbha arrives and laughs, sindhura starts getting affected by the poison and he falls on his knees. Sindhura thinks how is this possible? Only that child can kill me. Jimbha says you sindhura, you dared to call me here, now I will kill you. Sindhura thinks I have to teach her who I am. Sindhura creates a protective shield around him. jimbha is shocked and thinks he saved himself. Sindhura says jimbha you have to go to kailash and kill that elephant head child for me. Jimbha says for you? And laughs, I wont do anything for you sindhura, I don’t do anything for anyone, I do what I want. Sindhua then hypnotizes her and says I am sindhura, I am your king, do as I said. Jimbha says I will go to kailash and kill that child. Jimbha goes.
There kartikeya saves gajanan who is sitting on his shodulers. Parvati lord Shankar, maina and nandi and all gan come. Gajanan comes down. lord Shankar smiles. As they come ahead parvati comes to gajanan and says you fell down? are you okay son? Kartikeya sees and thinks even I fell down and saved gajanan, why didn’t mother ask me? Gajanan says mother it was all because of brother, because of him I fell down, I wanted to sit on his vehicle mayur but brother said no at first, then I flew on it and it went out of control and I fell down as brother scolded me. Kartikeya thinks how easily he lies. Parvati looks at kartikeya and kartikeya says I will tell you the truth, gajanan himself sat on my peacock, I had warned him because it is my peacock and it knows my weight and only I can control him still gajanan sat and did not listen to me, then he fell down and I only saved him by taking him on my shoulders. Parvati says yes son but you are older than him and it is your responsibility to make him understand. Parvati looks at gajanan and says are you okay? Kartikeya walks ahead and everywhere just gajanan! What about me? I saved him. kartikeya looks at mahadev and says father I am your first born right? Then why is everyone just talking about gajanan, why doesn’t mother love me? Lord Shankar smiles and says it is not that son, a mother and father love all their children equally. Parvati then says come in I will give you food. Kartikeya thinks yes give only to gajanan. Parvati comes ahead and says kartikeya! I said come in, come with me, I will feed you. Kartikeya smiles, parvati takes him in as lord Shankar smiles. Gajanan thinks I am hungry, wont mother feed me?

Precap: jimbha comes to kailash and she takes the form of jaya and puts poison in gajanan’s milk. Gajanan drinks milk and says why am I turning blue? Lord Shankar gets up as he feels about the threat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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