Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev and vayu dev are taken captive.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya with mahadev and rishi markande in the graveyard. Ganesh says brother shumbh has taken control of swarg lok, suryadev, agnidev and varun dev escaped but indra dev and vayu dev are in danger. Kartikeya says yes ganesh, if devraj is not saved from shumbh and his demons then shumbh will kill them.
There shumbh and his demons surround devraj indra and vayu dev. Indra dev says vayu dev now we have to fight, no other option is left. Vayu dev says yes devraj and they both remove their weapons. All demons laugh and shumbh says stambh! Both indra dev and vayu dev turn into statues with movement restricted. Shumbh and nishumbh use their powers and create a cage around indra dev and vayu dev and then shumbh uses a spell and put electricity in the cage. Shumbh

says dhumralochan and raktbeej, take these gods to our palace now! All the demons go to swarg lok in the palace.
Indra dev thinks shumbh do anything, but you will not live long. Shumbh sits on his throne and says now I am the king of gods and indra dev and vayu dev were running from my captivity, now they will suffer. Nishumbh says brother shumbh, indra dev knows where amrit is! We shall get what we want. Shumbh says yes you are right. Shumbh then says but before that, the other gods will be brought here too, I will torture them all. Shumbh tells his demon army to go behind suryadev, agnidev and varun dev and catch them and bring them here. The demons soldiers go with their commanders.
There ganesh and kartikeya see and ganesh says brother suryadev, agnidev and varun dev are coming here for protection, we have to fight those soldiers, if they follow them here then father’s meditation can be disturbed. Kartikeya says you are right ganesh, lets go. suryadev, agni dev and varun dev come to graveyard and suryadev says ganesh ji, devraj and vayudev have been taken captive, we somehow managed to escape but the demon armies are behind us. Ganesh says don’t worry suryadev, I and brother will take care.
The armies head towards graveyard. Ganesh goes on mushak ji and he waits in the clouds. As the army nears, ganesh uses his trunk and blows away many soldiers away from the ground, the soldiers fall away. Kartikeya comes running with his spear and he fights the other soldiers killing them. More soldiers come flying and kartikeya says they are not stopping ganesh. Ganesh closes his eyes and prays to mata mahashakti and he then creates a huge tornado which takes in the demon soldiers and kill them. Many soldiers then run back. Ganesh and kartikeya come to the graveyard again and say brother, now it is time to go and save indra dev and vayu dev and teach these demons a lesson.
There shumbh releases indra dev and vayu dev from statue and says so you gods, tell me where the amrit is indra dev! If you tell me, you will be free, but if you don’t, I will kill you with each and every last one of those residing in swarg lok and I will keep the goddesses for me and my demon brothers. Indra dev gets angry and says you do anything shumb, kill us but we wont tell you where the amrit is kept, you will never get the amrit and wait, mata mahashakti is coming to kill you all. Shumbh gets angry and says stambh putting vayu dev and indra dev back in statue.

Precap: shumbh says I have many ways to torture them. Shumbh uses his freeze power and keeps freezing indra dev and vayu dev, this makes their noses bleed. The soldiers come back to attack on the graveyard.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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