Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mhaishasura tortures all rishi and women.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mhaishasura saying this is rishi utvan, today I will insult him more, it will give me pleasure. Mhaishasura tells all soldiers to start beating everyone. All soldiers beat the men, women, rishi’s and children, all of them get hurt and scream. Mhaishasura laughs and enjoys the scene. There katyaani sees all this but calms down her anger. Ganesh thinks when will mother go and kill mhaishasura? He has now crossed all his limits. Mhaishasura says unless this rishi puts his head under my feet I will not stop. Rishi says for me you are just a cheap demon who spread his evil and took devlok, I will not bow before you. Mhaishasura says okay then and the soldiers beat the people even more, even women are beaten and mhaishasura says you women are cheap and deserve to be beaten.

says now I will kill the children if rishi you don’t bow before me. Everyone is worried and scream as mhaishasura takes children and puts them in the air and tells soldiers to aim arrows at them. Soldiers do as said. Mhaishasura says rishi utvan bow now! Mhaishasura waits and then says okay soldiers fire your arrows. The soldiers fire arrows but ganesh appears and the arrows disappear. Soldiers say where did our arrows go? Mhaishasura then sees ganesh very tall and gets scared. Mhaishasura falls down, ganesh says mhaishasura as I said, I tried to warn you before but now your end has come, you insult women but a woman, mata Shakti will kill you. Ganesh goes. Everyone says what happened prabhu? Mhaishasura says nothing.
There katyaani is meditating under a tree.
Mhaishasura calls rishi shokracharya and says rishi that kid came again, he told me a woman was going to kill me, mhaishasura laughs. Shokracharya says mhaishasura don’t laugh, a woman is the worlds most powerful person, if she is angered and her family is threatened, she will turn into an end that you wouldn’t want to see and you have insulted all women, you have to stay cautious. Mhaishasura mocks and then he sees as a foreshadow mata katyaani praying and says I will marry that woman, she is so beautiful, she will stay here with me under my rule. Mhaishasura is going when his wife comes and says prabhu don’t do anything, please, it is for your life. Mhaishasura pushes her away and calls his soldiers. He says go to katyaani, that beautiful woman she is meditating under a tree near a rishi’s ashram, go there and bring her here, tell her demon king mhaishasura has called her. Soldiers say yes and go.
There mata katyaani is praying and the soldiers come, they say hey woman, our king mhaishasura has called you, he wants to make you his wife, come with us! Katyaani opens her eyes and smiles, she says go away demons I am letting you go now, this is a chance from me so that you make your mistakes right now. Demons laugh and say woman you under estimate us, you will die if you don’t come with us. The demons attack on katyaani, katyaani throws the axes back and a demon’s head is cut off. Other demons are shocked and they attack back, katyaani uses the axe and cuts 2 more demons heads. The 2 demons left say we shall run away from here otherwise she will kill us, they are running when the flying axe comes and their heads are cut too. These heads go flying to mhaishasura’s palace and fall at his legs in the court.
Mhaishasura sees and is shocked.

Precap: mata katyaani and ganesh stand against mhaishasura and his entire demon army, a battle is to begin. Katyaani says to mhaishasura, your end is near as you have tortured enough people.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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