Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev is saved.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev getting angry and his third eye attacks the fire bolt of his anger and rage on indra dev. as brahma dev and Vishnu dev with sage Brihaspati and kartikeya are there, ganesh sees indra dev. indra dev says no mahadev, forgive me, I have understood my fault and because of my ego I had lost my way, but now I know, forgive me prabhu. Mahadev is angry and ganesh thinks he should save indra dev. ganesh sits on mushak ji and takes indra dev with him into space as the fire bolt of rage follows them. Ganesh says don’t worry devraj, I will try to save you. As they go, the bolt comes behind them. Ganesh takes indra dev back to mahadev as indra dev says I cannot be saved like this, I have to ask for forgiveness from prabhu mahadev.
There, indra dev sits on his knees and

prays and says mahadev, please mahadev don’t kill me forgive me one last time, I know what mistake I did and I am truly sorry for what I did under the influence of my ego, I regret saying everything, forgive me mahadev. As mahadev is angry, the fire bolt comes towards indra dev flying. Indra dev has tears. Brahma dev says to lord Vishnu, now indra dev may have only a few moments left to live. Indra dev now sleeps front face and asks forgiveness from mahadev, he says prabhu please forgive me. Indra dev closes his eyes. Mahadev’s anger increases as the bolt comes close. Parvati comes and stops mahadev and says prabhu wait! Forgive devraj indra, he is the king of gods and the balance will break, he asks for forgiveness and you are mahadev! The bolt comes closer as kartikeya is worried and Brihaspati prays. Mahadev uses his trishul and attacks on the bolt of fire, the bolt turns behind and heads away. Indra dev gets up and has tears, he smiles and says prabhu you saved me, you forgave me, I am grateful to you for that, I will always be! Brahma dev says but what about your rage of bolt, it may destroy anything it hits? Mahadev says don’t worry brahma dev, I have changed its direction into the ocean. Everyone go to the palace as brahma dev waits and thinks, I don’t like the look of it, the world will be in danger because nothing can escape mahadev’s anger and putting the bolt in the ocean will put the world into danger, I have to tell mahadev or it will be too late.
In the palace, indra dev says to ganesh, ganesh ji I am truly sorry, I did a mistake, I had drowned in my ego and it was wrong for me to send my friend when rather I was called. Ganesh says I could have waited indra dev if you wanted time to come. Indra dev says forgive me. Ganesh says I wanted to talk about something very important, the west is in drought and it was about the rains that you did not send there. Indra dev says what? The west? It is not because of me ganesh ji, it is because of great rishi Agastya. Ganesh says Agastya rishi? Who is he? Brahma dev comes and thinks it is not the right time to tell about the fire bolt. There the fire bolt falls into water and turns red as it cools down and shines red color, the bolt then slowly starts sucking all water and fishes inside the water.
There kartikeya says ganesh, rishi Agastya is a very great rishi, greater than the gods and my guru! Mahadev says the west is in drought because the one river, kaveri! There has been suppressed and out inside a bowl in rishi agastya’s hand because kaveri is rishi’s wife. Kartikeya says ganesh, I trained under rishi Agastya, he is greater than the gods too, a great warrior and I respect him. In flashback, rishi Agastya teaches kartikeya the tactics and strategy of battle, fight and combat. Kartikeya does as the rishi says.

Precap: ganesh turns into a crow and sits on rishi agastya’s bowl of kaveri water. Rishi looks at the crow and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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