Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh goes to mhaishasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati taking her devi form. Rishi katayaan comes and does pranam and says mata parvati I know now it is your time to go. Parvati says rishi, I was lucky to have you as my father. Rishi says you were my daughter and for a father it will always be sad if a daughter goes away, I was honored to have you as my daughter katyaani.
Mahadev says devi katyaani, this is your form of maha Shakti but allow us to complete your katyaani form by all us gods giving you our weapons. Katyaani says yes. Mahadev gives his trishul, brahma dev gives brahma flower, Vishnu dev gives chakra, varun dev gives shell, indra dev gives Vajra, suryadev gives his arrow, kuber gives his gold bowl, vayu dev gives his bow and ganesh gives his axe. Katyaani’s form is complete. Katyaani says it

will be time when mhaishasura will die from his sins. Katyaani goes. Mahadev is sad.
There mhaishasura is in palace drinking madeera and watching women dance, he hears a voice saying mhaishasura! Mhaishasura thinks it must be effect of alcohol. Mhaishasura suddenly finds his glass empty and gets angry, he says give me madeera. A woman comes but the jar is empty, mhaishasura scolds her and kicks her down and says go and dance. The women dance. Mhaishasura again hears a voice saying mhaishasura your time is over. Mhaishasura gets up and says who was that? Everyone stops. Mhaishasura says who is that? Then he says why did you women stop dancing? Now I will not forgive you, mhaishasura is attacking the women when his wife comes and says stop swami! Leave them. Mhaishasura laughs and says so you will tell me what to do now?! Mhaishasura says you all are women, stay at the feet, don’t act too smart. Mhaishasura again hears the voice and says I have to go from here, this surrounding is odd. Mhaishasura goes out of the court, there ganesh’s voice says mhaishasura leave devlok and give gods their home back, mhaishasura says who is that? Ganesh says I am behind you. Mhaishasura looks and says you elephant head kid, you are here again? I should have killed you when I had the chance, mhaishasura removes his weapon to fight ganesh. Ganesh hits mhaishasura who falls down, his mouth starts bleeding. Mhaishasura gets up angrily and attacks ganesh, ganesh says you have sinned too much mhaishasura. Mhaishasura says I won this palace by defeating indra dev and other gods and no one can kill me. Ganesh says you still have a chance, otherwise later there wont be time to regret. Ganesh makes his different clones and surround mhaishasura and says leave this palace. Mhaishasura attacks those clones as they disappear, ganesh then disappears and mhaishasura’s commander comes and says prabhu what happened? Mhaishasura is angry and says I will not leave anyone, mhaishasura goes back in his palace.
There katyaani is meditating. Laxmi asks Vishnu why did ganesh do this leela to mhaishasura? Vishnu says ganesh did all this because he wanted to excite mhaishasura into doing more sin so that his pot of sins fills up and he gets killed from devi katyaani.
There mhaishasura tells his demons to bring in rishi’s women and children to his palace to torture them. Ganesh goes to katyaani and says mother, why aren’t you killing mhaishasura? He has crossed his limit and is doing more sin. Katyaani says I am waiting for mhaishasura to torture the children, women and rishi’s he has kidnapped. Ganesh says why are you waiting till then? Katyaani says because I am jagat mata, it is my duty to give all my children an equal chance for forgiveness, if mhaishasura messes that up then he wont live for long.

Precap: mhaishasura runs as katyaani on the lion goes behind mhaishasura to kill him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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