Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan attacks shesh nag.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gajanan walking through the snakes, he sees shesh naag sleeping. Suddenly shesh naag opens his eyes and says in my lok you cannot do what you want, everything will happen according to what I want. Gajanan says why are you doing this shesh naag ji? You have your own nag lok, then why do you go outside and disturb the people and innocent rishi’s there, and at least leave these children, they are my friends, what have they done? Shesh naag says you don’t worry about your lok, just worry about you and your friends, I do what I want, only my poison will kill you here. Shesh naag leaves the poison in the air and says see what will happen now. Gajanan with his trunk blows air and destroys the poison. Shesh naag says how did that happen? Shesh naag says my fire will destroy

you. Shesh naag blows fire on gajanan. Gajanan removes a weapon and says varun dev’s water weapon is with me and it will trap you. The weapon removes water and then traps shesh naag inside ice. Shesh naag is frozen inside ice. Gajanan looks at his friends to free them. Suddenly shesh naag moves inside the ice and as the water he stands on, it becomes bright and then shesh naag moves and breaks the ice. Shesh naag says kid did you think you would defeat me in my nag lok? Shesh naag is angry.
Gajanan remembers agni dev’s weapon and removes it. He then attacks on the rocks above shes naag’s head. Shesh naag says kid it seems you still need to learn to use weapons. Gajanan says yes maybe, but we can still play hide and seek right? Gajanan runs and says catch me if you can shesh naag ji. Shesh naag’s different heads go behind gajanan, gajanan goes and stands and says I am here. Shesh naag’s main head is left, shesh naag sees around the rocks and says you trapped my entire body kid but you haven’t trapped my mouth. Gajanan says I will do that now. Gajanan removes a pasha and throws it on shesh naag’s face and traps it too. again the water under shesh naag’s body shines and shesh naag with his mouth creates a storm and throws away all rocks and frees himself. Gajanan thinks maybe shesh naag gets his power from the water below, there is something that feeds him power. Gajanan then removes his gadha given to him by mata parvati. Gajanan remembers parvati saying her gadha can defeat an entire army In one blow. Gajanan attacks his gadha on shesh naag’s various heads and hurts him. 2 snakes turn into human form and say we should go to nagraj vasuki ji as this kid is hurting shesh naag ji. Shesh naag attacks poison on gajanan friends, gajanan says nothing should happen to them, gajanan protects them from a shield from his powers. Shesh naag attacks poison bolts on gajanan which gajanan attacks back with his gadha. Gajanan then sees under as the water shines, he with his trunk pulls what is inside and a diamond comes in his hand, gajanan says so this is the power of shesh naag ji. Shesh nag says give it back to me. Gajanan puts it inside his stomach. Shesh naag is angry and attacks poison again. Then gajanan is angry and says you attacked my innocent friends and your cobras attacked the rishi’s and did not allow them to go anywhere and not even get food, you fight for those nags instead of making them understand? Gajanan says now I will not destroy you but I will destroy your ego, I will teach you a lesson shesh naag ji. Gajanan jumps on shesh naag’s head and starts doing tandav on shesh naag’s head. There the cobras go to mahadev who is meditating and say nagraj vasuki ji please help us, we somehow saved ourselves but that kid will kill shesh naag ji! Nagraj vasuki comes down from mahadev’s neck and says permit me to go mahadev. Mahadev nods his head. Nagraj vasuki goes with the snakes.

There gajanan does tandav on shesh naag’s head and injures him. nagraj vasuki is coming with some cobras. Gajanan remembers nagraj vasuki attacking him when he had his actual head with him. shesh naag falls down injured and turns into his human form. Gajanan becomes huge and removes a spear and says now I will kill you. Nagraj vasuki comes and says stop gajanan. Gajanan stops. Vasuki says gajanan please spare him and calm your anger. Shesh naag gets up. Vasuki says don’t you all know? He is the son of mahadev and devi parvati, he is para brahma ganpati roop gajanan. Nagraj vasuki says please forgive us. Gajanan says shesh naag ji, you live with lord Vishnu in vaikunth dham and vasuki ji you stay on my father’s neck. Gajanan says does this type of ego suit you shes naag ji? Those snakes were attacking the innocent rishi’s and not even letting them take their daily food from the forest, you supported them? This behavior suits you? Being strong doesn’t mean you shall attack the innocent, it means you should protect the weak who cannot protect themselves. Shesh naag says prabhu forgive me, I was blind by my ego of my power and you destroyed that ego, please forgive me prabhu. Gajanan calms down and becomes normal size. Vasuki then takes a pooja thali in his hand. Gajanan’s friends are free and they too wake up and take part in the pooja. Vasuki and shesh naag and everyone do gajanan’s pooja. Para brahma ganpati appears. Everyone do pranam prabhu. Gajanan gives the shesh naag’s mani back to him and forgives him. vasuki says prabhu, I stay on your father’s neck, please give me the opportunity to stay on your body as a white thread of janeyu. Gajanan says okay and vasuki comes on his body too as a thread.
There gajanan comes to the ashram with his friends and everyone thank him. gajanan is given a ball to play and gajanan throws it in the air as everyone see, gajanan brings the ball back on his hand and gives it to his friends. Suddenly indra dev and some gods come running and say gajanan we need your help please, devlok has been attack by a demon and he has taken control of it, please help us. Indra dev tells the story, mushkasur comes in the court of heaven and all his mouse army, they jump on all gods, indra dev is angry and tries to attack but mushkasur attacks all gods and throws them outside of devlok as all rats take control of the court. Indra dev says we need your help gajanan.
There mushkasur looks at some women and says dance for me, entertain me ladies. The women say not at all, you are a demon, go away from here. Mushkasur is angry and says my mouse army, show them what we are. The rats start jumping on the women. Mushkasur says dance for me right now and throws the glass down. gajanan comes and says I will entertain your asur ji.

Precap: mushkasur and his army fight gajanan. There parvati’s lion comes for protection of mushkasur. Lord Shankar is angry and gets up from his meditation place. Gajanan comes sitting on mushkasur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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