Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh jumps in a lake.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh screaming in pain and he says dhanwantari dev, your idea is not working and the water drops are evaporating just as they touch my body. Lord Vishnu says the sapt rishi maybe able to help us, they will have something to help ganesh. The sapt rishi’s appear and rishi tells kartikeya and indra dev to hold sheets made of jute and surround ganesh with it, they do as said. Rishi says by this, ganesh ji will feel a bit cool and peaceful. Rishi then tells vayu dev to come and blow cold air through the jute sheets, vayu dev does as said and rishi tells varun dev to rain water through the jute sheets on ganesh. Varun dev does as said and everyone do as said. Suddenly the lava bursts in the form of a blast and burns the jute sheets, kartikeya and indra dev fall down and

varun dev and vayu dev get aback. Sapt rishi’s are shocked and say mahadev, we don’t know what to do as whatever has been tried till now is not working on ganesh ji, the fire of andhlasura is too destructive and dangerous.
Ganesh gets up and runs in pain and says I cannot bear this heat and pain anymore now! ganesh sees a lake and says I will go and sit deep inside the lake, it will calm the heat down. Ganesh runs and mahadev says wait ganesh. Everyone is worried. Ganesh jumps inside the lake and goes deep at the bottom floor and sits there. Ganesh says I hope this works, suddenly the water starts turning hot and starts boiling. Everyone outside see this and say the temperature of the lake has also risen and the water is boiling. Ganesh sees fish die inside the water and says no, because of innocent living beings are dying and if I stay inside for more time then the entire lake will evaporate. There parvati comes and says where is ganesh? What is happening here? All gods are shocked and indra dev thinks if mata’s anger increases after seeing ganesh ji then she will kill everyone. Ganesh comes out and screams in pain, he sits on a rock and says mother! Parvati comes to ganesh and she says how has ganesh’s body turned so red and so much heat? What has happened? Kartikeya then says mother, it has happened because ganesh gulped andhlasura inside his body, now the lava is so hot that ganesh cannot bear it, please do something mother.
Parvati says swami, why didn’t you tell me before? How could you do this? Mahadev feels sad and says uma, I was worried if you’d be angry. Parvati says it is a fact, why does ganesh always have to kill all the demons? Why cant someone else do that work? Parvati says I know how ganesh can be saved from this pain. Parvati tells the sapt rishi and kartikeya that go and bring durva. Kartikeya says yes mothr, you are right, durva is very precious to ganesh and it can help. Kartikeya goes with the sapt rishi’s and he starts collecting durva from the ground. All rishi’s help and then come to parvati. Parvati says sapt rishi only durva can help ganesh. Rishi takes bundles of durva and says ganesh ji eat it. ganesh eats durva one by one, the durva burns inside ganesh’s stomach and its components help calm down the heat inside ganesh. Ganesh gets up and says yes it is helping now. As ganesh eats more durva, the temperature of his body becomes normal and ganesh gets fine again, all lava is destroyed and neutralized.
Parvati says see mahadev, that is why you should have told me before, a mother knows everything about her son and how his problems can be dealt with.

Precap: ganesh gets back to Kailash. The purpose of durva is explained and why it is precious for ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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